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Halloween Cruise becomes a Sinking Nightmare

When Halloween rolls around every year many scare lovers are looking for a real fright, however the passengers abroad a Halloween cruise got more than they bargained this weekend, when they were forced to evacuate into the night.

More than 950 costume wearing passengers boarded the Bahamas Celebration horror cruise on Friday, ready to win the costume contest, enjoy the zombie ball and be terrified by the ‘deck of death’. Unfortunately the ship unexpectedly hit something in the water, which caused damage to the enormous cruise liner and an immediate loss of power.

Passengers have actually reported that when the ship ran aground and started to tilt, many thought the loud bang and loss of power were simply part of the crew’s scare tactics. It wasn’t until passengers were told to don life jackets and wait to be evacuated at 9pm that many started to panic, fearing a repeat of the Costa Concordia disaster which killed several people.

However, crew have maintained that no one was ever in danger, and that everyone was evacuated quickly and safely. In fact, the ship ran aground just 200 yards from Freeport Harbour, so repair crews could very quickly access the damage and make repairs.

The ship is now safely docked and being assessed by a range of experts, and subsequent voyages have been cancelled for the time being.

Disappointed passengers had paid up to $400 for the ‘horror’ cruise, and it seems they got a lot more horror for their money than was ever expected.

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