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Helmet Use – The Debate

Every year the ‘ski helmet debate’ rages on, so we at Holidaysafe HQ wanted to get down to the nitty gritty and explain why we think it is so very important to wear a helmet whilst on the slopes!

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Most resorts will enforce the rule that children will have to wear helmets whilst on the slopes, so what about adults?

For adults, it is still personal choice, unless you find yourself in Novia Scotia, which is the only country to have made it compulsory so far.

Many people are against them, saying that their hearing and peripheral vision are affected by wearing a helmet.

Whereas others say it makes them feel safer, and they have no problems with vision or hearing.

It is an ongoing debate with skiers and snowboarders alike, and until a law is brought in to make it compulsory, it will unfortunately stay like this.




If we look at the tragic event of Michael Schumacher who in 2013 whilst skiing with his son, fell and hit his head on a rock and was left with a traumatic severe head injury.

He was left in a coma, fighting for his life, with Doctors stating that if he hadn’t have been wearing his helmet he would have almost certainly died.

Still recovering from this incident four years on, had he not have been wearing the helmet, they have said he would not have even made it to hospital.

Helmet use has massively increased since 2003, according to a study completed by NSAA (National Ski Areas Association). They have advised that overall, 80% of skiers and snowboarders wore helmets in last year’s ski season. (source)

Although there is no solid research showing a decline in head injuries since the use of helmets increased, at Holidaysafe HQ we think that any precaution you can take against serious injury is worthwhile.

Obviously, it is not just wearing a helmet that will keep you safe on the slopes, you also need to ensure you take precautions and know the code. The NSAA has an extremely helpful section on their website, detailing all things skiing and safety information, which is worth reading before you hit the slopes.


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