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How much Time do you Spend Queuing on Holiday?

According to a recent infographic created by travel site ‘Get Your Guide’, tourists waste hours of their holiday time queuing at top attractions including the Coliseum in Rome, the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Tower of London.

The handy graphic estimates how much time travellers waste in top destinations, for example with an average wait time of 2 hours for the Catacombs, 1 hour at the Louvre and 2 hours at the Eiffel Tower, you could be wasting 5 hours of your Parisian holiday waiting in line! Instead, this time could be used to explore the quaint streets or sample some amazing cuisine.

According to the graphic, Rome is by far the worst offender with an average combined wait time of nearly eight hours to visit the Coliseum, the Vatican, the Sistine Chapel and St Peter’s Basilica. However, it is understandable when you consider that the four attractions have combined yearly visitors of around 21,000,000! Nevertheless, those seven hours could be spent visiting the Spanish Steps or the Trevi Fountain – both of which are free and (although busy) queue free.

The top queuing offenders included;

• Rome, Italy – 7.5 hours

• London, UK – 5 hours

• Paris, France – 5 hours

• Amsterdam, the Netherlands – 5 hours

• Barcelona, Spain – 4 hours

• Berlin, Germany – 4 hours

• Venice, Italy – 3.15 hours

• New York, USA – 3 hours

If you’re planning a city break, just remember to plan in advance to avoid peak times and book queue jumps wherever possible to avoid wasted time in queues. Visit for more travel tips and advice.

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