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Huge Rise in Multi-Generational ‘3G’ Family Holidays

New research by supermarket giant Sainsburys has revealed that about one in six of us Brits have taken a multi-generational family holiday.

More than 18% of Britain have been on what is known as a ‘3G’ holiday – a trip where three generations of the same family travel together – in the last year.

The study also showed that 80 per cent of people who travelled on one of these types of family holiday felt that having the three generations present had had a positive impact on the trip.

Over 665 of the participants surveyed by Sainsburys revealed that spending family time together was their main incentive for going away, and over a quarter of those questioned said they were making up for family time lost due to their busy home lives, work, or living far apart from one another.

A third of people who were questioned in the Sainsburys survey said that the holiday with their relatives was more enjoyable than a conventional holiday, and over a fifth said that it was more relaxing due to the sheer amount of generations who had travelled with the.

Whilst some families had travelled to celebrate a milestone birthday, family wedding or another family event, multi-generational family holidays where groups of relatives travel for some well-deserved time abroad together are also increasing.

The benefits of travelling as a group are well-known, with group discounts being awarded throughout foreign accommodation, with airlines and other travel companies just for purchasing multiple tickets or rooms. Shared childcare duties is another benefit of travelling with older and younger generations – children know who is taking care of them and families can band together in order to entertain their smaller entourage.

Splitting the cost is another draw to a huge group family holiday – you can visit the places you’ve always wanted to but never been able to afford by splitting the cost of air tickets, accommodation and other travel essentials which can often be out of traveller’s price ranges.

Dominique Foster was one traveller who took her family abroad to Spain including her young son, her partner and her parents: “Having my parents with us mean that we weren’t restricted to staying in or having to organise babysitters. In Spain, families take their children out late and cater for them, with restaurants that lay on bouncy castles or play areas for kids, so it really made a difference.”

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