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Increasing Numbers of Holiday Crimes Leave Brits in Danger

Recent figures have shown that almost two in five British holidaymakers are robbed whilst on holiday, whilst another report suggests that British women are almost eight times more likely to be attacked whilst on holiday – especially if vacationing at a Mediterranean resort- than at home.

The Foreign Office figures show that unemployment across the EU has led to a ‘crime wave’ and tourists are usually easy target for thieves, attackers and other street criminals.
Malcolm Tarling, a spokesperson for the Association of British Insurers said, “Economic conditions can impact on insurance claims. British tourists can be easy targets and many are crime victims waiting to happen.”

Passport thefts are also common, with one British passport being an easy way to earn thousands in identity theft later on. Passport thefts within Spanish airports are prolific – around 133,222 British passports, which can sometimes sell for up to £400 each, were stolen between 2000 and 2012, and over 30,000 are stolen worldwide every year.

Beach bags are also becoming a bigger target, with a typical beach bag being filled with thousands of pounds worth of items, including our mobile phones, tablets, e-readers, credit cards, passports and cash. They’re also incredibly easy to grab – most of us lay basking in the sun knowing our bag is close, but not unattainable for thieves.

It’s a sad fact, but we’re actually more of an easy target whilst abroad and out of our comfort zone. Tourists all over the world have a tendency to let their guard down whilst away from home and if you don’t know the local area or culture well, you’re more likely to end up in potentially tricky situations without meaning to be. For example, whipping your phone out and taking a photo is the norm back home in the UK, but abroad in countries where such luxuries aren’t readily available to the main population, it can be seen as flashing your valuables – making you a susceptible target for thieves.

So what can you do to prevent against becoming a victim of crime whilst abroad?

Make sure your belongings are secure, and the important things like your valuables, passport and travel documentation are in a secure bag or in a locked safe back in your accommodation.

Avoid travelling alone, especially in places you are not familiar with. Remember to not flash valuables.

If you are targeted, make sure you report the crime as soon as it happens. The sooner you report something, the sooner it can be investigated and authorities can start gathering evidence. The crime report number will also come in handy if you wish to make a claim on your travel insurance policy.

Buying a travel insurance policy should protect you, the traveller, from losing out after becoming a victim of crime. Should someone choose to steal your phone, cash or other possessions, you can be entitled to cover.

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