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Is Pet-Sitting the Most Frugal Backpacker Trend?

A company called ‘Trusted Housesitters’ are offering travel enthusiasts the chance to stay in amazing homes all over the world (for a fraction of the cost), as long as they are happy to look after the owner’s home and animals.

The website teams people who are looking for trustworthy individuals to move into their home and potentially look after their pets, with tourists who are desperate to travel the world but have very small budgets. The website currently has over 70 locations available and members all over the world in 130 countries.

House sitters can find opportunities to travel, live like locals and stay in some amazing multi million pound properties all over the world, and may even find themselves looking after alpacas and cattle or dogs and cats.

Home owners on the other hand, have the peace of mind that their houses and beloved animals are being cared for properly.

The only charge is a small monthly fee to be a member of the website; no money actually changes hands between the owner and the house sitter, saving both sides a small fortune in accommodation or kennel costs.

Travelling for long periods can become quite tiresome and lonely at points, so signing up to this type of scheme would allow you the chance to stay somewhere a little more homely, and even find a furry companion to keep you company until you’re ready to hit the road again.

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