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Jet Pack Travel could soon be a Reality

David Mayman made history this month by becoming the first man to fly a jetpack around the Statue to Liberty. Mr Mayman spent 10 years engineering the JB-9 JetPack with his colleague Tyler Nelson, and hopes that they will soon be widely available to the public.

The JB-9 JetPack is compact enough to fit on the back seat of a car, but its two turbine jet engines are specially adapted to carry users thousands of feet into the air. The jetpack design is supposedly the smallest and lightest of its kind, making it relatively easy to carry and wear, even when fully fuelled.

The pair are hopeful that their invention will make ‘personal air transportation’ a reality in the coming years, perhaps to help the emergency services reach people in trouble much quicker, or even just to make the daily commute quicker (and much more fun).

Early testing has already began on the pair’s next prototype – the JB-10, which should be able to reach heights of 10,000 feet and speeds of 100mph for over 10 minutes (depending on the pilot’s weight).

This may not sound like a great deal of time, but imagine the adventures you could have at 100mph. You could fly over the Grand Canyon, to the top of the Eiffel Tower to avoid the queues, or even follow in Mayman’s footsteps and fly around the Statue of Liberty.

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like the jetpack will go on sale to the general public for a little while yet, but we’ll definitely be keeping our eyes peeled. Visit for more travel news and advice.

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