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Lack of Snow Threatening Ski Season

Unseasonably warm weather is threatening the winter sports holidays of thousands of travellers, as a complete lack of snow means that slopes are covered in grass and mud rather than snow.

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Peak ski season usually runs between December and March for most resorts, but resorts have been forced to delay their opening, in a hope that snow will come in the next couple of weeks. Experts are expecting up to four inches of snow to fall before the end of December, but this may not be enough to help resorts.

Three years ago, resorts in Alpine regions experiences the warmest autumn for 147 years, meaning that very little snow fell. Experts are warning that we could see a repeat of events this year, as global warming is having a very noticeable effect on this part of the world.

In fact, temperatures in Austria have risen at speeds twice the global average, and the number of sunshine hours in the Alps has increased by 20%.

In an attempt to adapt to the warmer conditions, many resorts are putting their trust in snow-making machines, rather than Mother Nature.

A lack of snow can have several different effects on winter sports trips. Firstly, if your resort has been closed due to lack of snow, you may have been forced to cancel or delay your trip. Furthermore, if there is light snowfall on the slopes, you will have to be especially careful of things like ice, rocks and other hazards that may not be fully covered by snow.

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