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Man Travels 4,000 Miles on a 90 year-old 50p Bike

Vintage bike fanatic John Wallis, 65, has set out on a 90-year old Brough Superior bike on a challenging ride around the British coast for charity.

John was given the Brough Superior by his father, Albert, who bought it for ten shillings (50p) in 1961. Albert first came across the wrecked bike when it had been abandoned in an allotment in Kettering. After digging it up from underneath rotten vegetables where it had been for roughly eight years, Albert restored it to it’s former glory and passed it on to John in 1972 when he turned 23.

John said: “Until I was 16, the only transport we had was motorcycle with a sidecar. Perhaps it was some sort of act of rebellion, but when I was old enough I decided to buy a scooter. My dad wasn’t too happy about it. I think he would have preferred it if I had chosen a Triumph motorbike instead. I did then end up getting into bikes which seemed inevitable really and came in handy since my dad gave me the Brough!”

This passion for motorbikes is what is behind John’s huge charity ride for Sport Relief. He added: “I hope to raise cash that will help change lives, both here in the UK and abroad. The fundraising is going great so far, people have even been stopping me on the route to donate money, they have been very kind.”

He is travelling without any back up, other than breakdown cover provided by his current road insurer, and will be funding his own fuel, food and accommodation to ensure that every pound donated goes straight to the charity.

John has taken close to a month to complete the 4,000-mile round trip along the British coast, travelling along the south coast, up around the Welsh coast and then on to Scotland.

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