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Marketing Manager Quits Job to High Five around the World

At one point or another we’ve all thought about quitting the rat race to travel the world, but Craig Lewis from Atlanta did just that. Mr Lewis left his job as a Marketing Manager in Atlanta to travel the world for a year. He saved for three years to afford his around-the-world ticket, which included eight stops.

When in Norway he came up with the idea of ‘high fiving’ his way around the world, and started to create short videos of his journey, ending each by high fiving the camera. The resulting images form an amazing montage of a truly once in a lifetime trip.

Mr Lewis’s journey included base jumping in France, going on safari in Tanzania, swimming in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Namibia, swimming with sharks in South Africa, and attending festivals in Hawaii, Belgium and Australia. As part of his trip, the intrepid traveller also volunteered with tribes in Africa.

For seven months of the trip Lewis was accompanied on his travels by a friend, but he spent most of the trip meeting new people and making friends through hostel stays, couch surfing and simply speaking to people along the way.

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