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Millions of Brits are Wasting their Holiday Allowance

According to recent research by Direct Line, over four million Brits are not taking their full holiday allowance, either deliberately or because they are unsure of their annual entitlement. Men are marginally guiltier of this than women, at 14% of males compared to 11% of females failing to take all of their hard-earned time off.

Work Stress

When asked why respondents had deliberately failed to take their holiday allowance, 34% said that work was too busy for them to leave, 22% said they only took time off if they planned to go away, and 21% said they didn’t feel the need to have a holiday. Interestingly, a further 21% also said they were really limited as to when they could time off – perhaps due to work or child care commitments.

The full list included;

Medical experts are constantly reaffirming the need for time off, not just from work, but a chance to break away from the stress of everyday life and reconnect with the people and things you love. In the long run this will help to prevent career burn out, and minimise the risks of stress-related medical complications – so make sure you take your full allowance this year!

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