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Most Annoying Airplane Passenger Habits Revealed

Boarding a plane should be an exciting time – in a matter of hours you will have reached your destination and can start your holiday. However, this excitement can quickly be dampened if your fellow passengers have frustrating habits or unruly behaviours.


Travel site Expedia recently asked over 1,000 American travellers to rate the most annoying habits they had experienced from fellow airplane passengers. The results were extremely interesting, as many involved young families.
Over 60% said their seat had been repeatedly kicked by the child sitting behind them, and 59% said inattentive parents ignoring a child’s bad behaviour had frustrated them during a flight. A further 50% said they had been annoyed by their neighbour playing loud music through headphones, and 43% said that chatty passengers had annoyed them.
The survey also found that 37% of travellers would pay extra to sit in a designated ‘quite zone’, away from families and noisy passengers. Somewhat rudely, 10% of travellers would recline their seat even if the passenger behind was obviously pregnant, but 33% said they would like to ban reclining seats altogether.
If you’re planning a family holiday, just remember to pack enough toys, books, movies and games to keep your kids amused throughout the flight. If they become restless, try walking up and down the aisle or starting a new task. If you keep them thoroughly amused they should behave perfectly, and not annoy other passengers at all.
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