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Mountain Rescue Teams Beg Brits to be Careful on the Slopes

Every year hundreds of people return from the slopes with a string of injuries, ranging from minor bumps and sprains to broken bones and head injuries. Unfortunately, some people don’t make it home, and now Mountain Rescue Teams have appealed to Brits, asking them to be careful on the slopes.

The appeal came after a seventeen-year-old British skier lost his life on a slope in Meribel, the same resort where Michael Schumacher suffered his life changing brain injury in 2013. The teenager was skiing with a group of friends, when it is thought he travelled too fast down an intermediate blue piste, lost his balance and hit the ground with a force strong enough to cause serious internal injuries.

Although the Brit was thought to be travelling too fast for the slope, despite numerous signs asking skiers to slow down because of an upcoming intersection, the lack of snow in Europe has also been highlighted as a reason for the severity of his injuries.

The teenager was skiing on one of the lower pistes, where temperatures are at their warmest and snow is thin on the ground. Snow cannons had been used across the resort to enable skiers to continue their winter sports pursuits, but a significant lack of snowfall will have made the ground very hard.

The teen was wearing a helmet, but unfortunately, the nature of his fall meant that he suffered serious injuries to his chest and face. Mountain rescue teams reached him within 10 minutes of his fall but were unable to resuscitate him.

If you’re planning a winter sports trip, just ensure you invest in specialist travel insurance, adhere to piste rules, look out for warning signs, and take all necessary precautions to prevent any serious accidents. Visit for more winter sports tips and advice.

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