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New Tech: Motorcycle Helmets

According to recent news, a Russian company called Livemap has been given a $300,000 grant to develop its brand new motorcycle helmet, which could revolutionise the way bikers utilise gadgets whilst riding.

The idea is to produce smaller and lighter motorcycle helmets which also allow motorcyclists to use GPS and other gadgets without taking their eyes off the road.

The prototype helmet includes micro-display and an electronic main board in the back, with a light sensor and microphone in the front, plus a battery and earphone to the side.

However, the main attraction of this new helmet is the visor, which uses special aspheric lenses. These lenses allow the rider to call up maps and directions into their line of vision using voice commands, without limiting or affecting their view of the road.

This type of new technology could prove invaluable to bikers planning long trips, avoiding the danger of looking down at maps, or the inconvenience of constantly having to pull over to look for directions.

Following the 14.7 million grant from the Russian Ministry of Science (the equivalent of $300,000), Livemap are apparently planning to unveil their prototype in Spring 2015, with a view to start sales in the US in Summer 2015.

Unfortunately there has not yet been news of how much the helmets may cost, or when they will be available in the UK.

This new invention follows the growing trend of wearable technology, including things like Google Glass and Smart Watches – so it definitely seems like Bikers are due a new toy too!

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