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News Footage shows State of Turkish Ski Slope Collapse

News footage has been released showing the ski site at which the Turkish national skiing team train has collapsed, causing millions of pounds worth of damage and costing the Turkish resort hundreds of pounds in lost tourism trade.

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Whilst most of us might think of skiing and snowboarding as exclusive to the Alps or the Rockies in the USA, facilities allowing us to enjoy winter sports abroad in more exotic climes such as Turkey and Dubai are springing up more and more.

The £19 million Palandoken ski resort, which was built in the Turkish city of Erzurum for the 2011 Winter Universiade competition has collapsed dramatically at a state-of-the-art holiday resort in the country famed for it’s heat and popular British tourist hotspots.

The facility, which is the country’s first – and currently only – ski jump, is located at the base of the Palandoken Mountain and had been widely advertised as a centre to train a whole new generation of Turkish winter sports athletes. In a widespread and dramatic fall, three of the five towers at the resort have collapsed after developing large cracks in their walls, falling from 20 to 60 metres in height.

Site investigators who have attended where the slopes have collapsed, have blamed errors made during the construction work after they found evidence of negligence and even basic engineering faults. Heavy rain in the region where the resort is located is also thought to have been to blame for accelerating the collapse of the slopes.
Turkey’s national team were using the centre to prepare for the 2018 Winter Olympics and more winter sports facilities were in development as the country considered making a bid for hosting the winter Olympics themselves.

Turkey is a country which often, surprisingly, receives a generous amount of snowfall in the winter months, meaning that visitors can ski or snowboard or have the option to use the other facilities available throughout the rest of the year, too. Various ski resorts have popped up including Palandoken, offering tourists the opportunity to ski in perfect weather, with ski slopes and the latest equipment.

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