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Pensioner Travels 3 Million Miles for Fun

While we’re all thinking about spending Christmas with family and friends, one Australian pensioner is planning to spend his Christmas day aboard a Qantas flight, partaking in his favourite hobby – travelling the world.

Mr John Martin, who is 82 years old, was a television news editor before he retired, but now has the full time job of being the world’s consummate frequent flyer. His travels have taken him to New York nearly 150 times, and London nearly 140, but in total he has taken 959 flights!

His passion for aviation is clear, as he can name all 278 aircraft he has flown on during his journeys around the globe. He also keeps meticulous notes on every air plane he boards, which can regularly take him from Sydney to Melbourne or Perth and back again in one day!

Mr Martin, who never married or had children, is Qantas’s most loyal customer, and every year flies somewhere on Christmas day, because he considers airline staff ‘like family’ now. As a thank you, Qantas recently presented Mr Martin with the keys to their 75th Boeing 737 – a 1970s themed plane.

Despite calls from friends, Mr Martin is showing no signs of slowing down, as he wants to reach 1,000 flights and take a trip on Qantas’s new Airbus A380.

Despite the opportunity to rack up the greatest amount of frequent flyer points imaginable, Mr Martin refuses to let them build up, so he can take advantage of every trip he can before he ‘kicks the bucket’.

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