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Pufferfish Photobomb: Hilarious Photo goes Viral

Regan Mizuguchi was diving on holiday in the beautiful island region of Hawaii when an oblivious blowfish found its way into his shot.

Taken just off of the coast of Kohala, Regan Mizuguchi was busy taking underwater scuba-diving selfies with his static Go-Pro camera when a curious pufferfish wandered into the frame.

Surprised by the presence of the diver, the fish deploys its famous defence mechanism, and inflated it’s body, pushing its spines out threateningly. In the shot, the pufferfish is so inflated that it completely eclipses Regan’s face, making it look as though the pufferfish was enjoying the waters or Kohala in a wetsuit instead of Mizuguchi.

Luckily the pufferfish’s sharp spines were a safe distance away from the diver and after realising that he wasn’t a threat to its life, the pufferfish merely deflated and swam away.

It wasn’t until Regan had gotten out of the water and onto dry land before he checked his camera and went through the shots he had taken underwater, where he noticed the marine animals photobomb of his selfie.

Regan said: “I had placed my GoPro camera on the ocean floor and was experimenting taking images when I noticed the fish bobbing through the water. I could see it was inflated so I didn’t want to scare the little fish anymore than it was so I stayed still and carried on taking photos. It didn’t stay long, I think it realised I wasn’t a threat and literally moments later it deflated and swam back out into the ocean. It was only after I reviewed the images that I noticed it had completely blocked out my face in one of the shots, I couldn’t believe how perfect it was.”

He added, “I’m not a professional diver, but I just love being in the ocean, I wish I could dive everyday. I’m really glad the fish decided to photobomb me, that photograph is definitely a keeper.”

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