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Rise of the Deadly Holiday Snaps

Going back only a few decades, holiday snaps were developed and then stored safely away in an album, only to be bought out once in a while for a quick nostalgic glance. However, the rise of social media has now turned the humble holiday snap into a quest for the perfect profile picture or Instagram account, and some travellers are taking these pursuits to dangerous levels.

Recently there have been several terrible cases reported in the news, for example people skiing off mountains as they try to take selfies over the edge, and tourists falling from high rocks or cliffs as they attempt similar feats.

As people try to compete for bigger and better photos, they are pushing away common sense and putting themselves in serious danger by dangling from cliff faces and perching on the edges of waterfalls.
The most dangerous hotspots include;

Kjeragbolten, Norway – Kjeragbolten is actually the name given to a small boulder, which is stuck between two sides of the Kjerag mountain with nothing beneath it but a 3,500ft drop. Despite the weather making the rock slippery, tourists flock there every year to climb on the rock and have their photo taken.

Moscow Bridge, Ukraine – unfortunately two people have already lost their lives climbing the bridge this year. One was a 21 year old graduate in search of a selfie, and the other was teenager who climbed the bridge to make a free climbing video.

The Grand Canyon, USA – millions flock to the Grand Canyon every year, but tourists are now getting closer and closer to a sheer drop in pursuit of the perfect picture. Visiting the canyon is dangerous enough, with the risks of falling, exhaustion, extreme heat and dehydration to name just a few.

Pulpit Rock, Norway – with a sheer drop of nearly 2,000 feet it’s a wonder that 200,000 tourists flock to Pulpit Rock or Preikestolen each year. There is no security fence protecting visitors from the edge, and last year a man fell to his death whilst taking a photo.

Wedding Cake Rock, Australia – this location has tripled in popularity over the past few months after a dedicated hashtag encouraged tourists to pose on the rock, which has since been deemed unsafe by experts, who say it could crumble into the sea very soon.

If you’re planning a holiday, just remember that no holiday snap is worth putting your safety in jeopardy. Keep your common sense about you at all times, and be careful!

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