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Skier Falls 1,640 Feet in Selfie Accident

Snapping the perfect ‘selfie’ has become an important part of everyday life for most young people, but one school boy took his pursuit a step too far, when he fell off a mountain.

The 14 year old was on the final day of a school trip in the Austrian Alps when the group stopped to take some pictures against the beautiful Alpine back drop. The teenager from Leeds was taking a photo on his phone with a group of friends and a ski instructor when he stepped backwards and fell over the edge.

He fell 1,640 feet (or 500m) over the cliff edge, and finally came to a stop on a ledge. After being airlifted to a hospital 20 miles away, it was discovered that the boy had only suffered from minor injuries and shock. Miraculously, he had not broken any bones, or suffered any serious injuries to his head or body.

Another selfie related injury was also reported less than a week before, involving a 28 year old Australian skier who fell 1,000 feet after slipping under a boundary to take the perfect selfie in the Grand Targhee ski area of Wyoming. He fell over the edge and required emergency treatment.

These terrifying stories just show the dangers of even a brief lapse in concentration when skiing off piste. If you ski outside the boundaries of the resort, dangers and hazards such as trees, rocks and cliff edges may not be clearly signposted, so you need to stay alert at all times. Don’t let the quest for the perfect holiday selfie endanger your personal safety.

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