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Submarines are the Latest Trend in Cruising

At some point during a cruise, most people will stare out across the ocean and picture what lies beneath the rippling surface, but now you can see for yourself thanks to Holland-based company U-Boat Worx, which has launched three new luxury submarines designed for cruise ships.


The ‘Cruise Subs’ are capable of diving to depths of nearly 4,000 feet – further than any other tourist submarine can dive. The three models are capable of carrying five, seven or nine passengers at a time (depending on your model of choice), so you can choose to experience the ocean depths with other passengers or as a private expedition.

Some cruise ships already offer tourist submarine trips, but the vessels have small windows and seating layouts much like buses. The new Cruise Subs, on the other hand, offer revolving seats in two large glass spheres, offering passengers 180° views. The new subs are also battery operated for up to 12 hours, offering an amazing underwater experience with no effect on the environment.

To take this experience a step further, last year one company announced submarine tours of the Titanic wreckage for holidaymakers. The tour doesn’t come cheap, costing £41,000, but involves a submarine tour of the famous ship wreck including the enormous anchors, Marconi Room and grand staircase.

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