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The Great British Pound Vs. The Euro

Over the last few years the UK has been plagued with news of financial distress, but as the recession begins to pass the pound is strengthening – meaning great news for Brits looking for a European break.

The Euro has dropped to a decade low, meaning that the strength of the pound compared to the Euro will allow Brits to bag some fantastic bargain holidays. Furthermore, according to research by the Post Office, everyday holiday costs in the Algarve, such as ice creams and sun protection, are 50% cheaper than they were in 2009!

Unfortunately the same cannot be said for destinations outside of Europe, for example the research found that popular tourist destinations such as Thailand and Dubai are now charging significantly more for items such as three course dinners, cigarettes and wine. In fact, Dubai is charging 80% more for these items than they were in 2009!

The pound is not as strong against currencies in the USA, Caribbean, Dubai and Thailand either, where Brits could receive £39 less on exchange than in more favourable European destinations.

The results of the Post Office’s ‘holiday shopping basket’ survey are shown below, and split into destinations which offered the cheapest vs. most expensive everyday items;


Algarve (Portugal) – £32.67

Sunny Beach (Bulgaria) – £32.69

Costa del Sol (Spain) – £33.64

Bali (Indonesia) – £35.30

Crete (Greece) – £37.00


Dubai (United Arab Emirates) – £135.35

St James (Barbados) – £99.76

Don’t forget, if you’re looking for a true holiday bargain you need to research a lot more than the holiday price. Remember to think about exchange rates and everyday costs and budgets once you arrive.

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