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The Top Gear Travel Experience

Driving enthusiasts are now being offered the chance to drive some of the world’s fastest supercars as part of a five day European experience.

The trip, which is intended for 10 people, consists of 5 days driving through Southern Germany and Northern Switzerland. The choice of transport includes a Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse, a Lamborghini Aventador, a Lamborghini Huracan, a Ferrari 488 GTB and a Mercedes-Benz AMG GTS.

The trip costs £8,000 per person – just a fraction of the cost needed to buy a luxury sports car.

As part of that cost, participants will eat at Michelin starred restaurants, sleep in five star hotels, visit a number of museums and factories, rack up 450 miles behind the wheel of a supercar, plus enjoy limousine transfers.

The rough itinerary includes;

• Day One – Fly into Stuttgart (Germany) and stay in the Althoff Hotel am Schlossgarten.

• Day Two – Private tours of the Porsche and Mercedes-Benz factory museums. Then a 50 mile drive to Baden Baden, to stay in the Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa.

• Day Three – Travel 150 miles through the Black Forest range, then cross the Rhine and enter Switzerland. There guests will take a private tour of the IWC watch factory and stay at the Riva’s Das Hotel am Bodensee.

• Day Four – 185 mile drive back to Baden Baden along the Autobahn (the derestricted part of course). Guests will then enjoy lunch at the three Michelin starred Schwarzwaldstube at Hotel Traube Tonbach.

• Day Five – The trip ends with a 60 mile trip around the Black Forest.

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