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The Year Ahead: Travel Trends

2014 saw a healthy amount of recovery for the travel market, following economic recessions and market challenges. Now the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) have teamed up to reveal travel trends in 2015.

ABTA developed their report in association with the FCO, and found that 20% of consumers were planning to spend more on their 2015 holiday than they did in 2014. This is a very encouraging result for the travel market, as it shows that consumers have more disposable income to spend on trips – which in turn will help to drive profits and growth.

In 2014 travellers took an average of 3 holidays per person, with this average rising to 4.7 trips per person for people with higher household incomes. This is a big increase from 2013, where higher income families only took 3.6 holidays per person. Hopefully this trend will continue its upward trajectory in 2015, and encompass a range of incomes and social groups.

The report found that in 2013 travellers were quite reserved in their choice of holiday destination – choosing places they had visited before or destinations closer to home to ensure value for money and enjoyment. However, in 2015 over 35% of respondents are planning to be more daring by visiting somewhere they have never been before.

Interestingly, city breaks are set to continue their popularity rein over beach holidays in 2015, with 43% of respondents planning a city break compared to 42% planning a beach holiday.

According to the survey, the destinations to watch in 2015 include;

• Austria

• Botswana

• Cuba

• The Dominican Republic

• Japan

• Latvia

• La Gomera

• Norway

• US Pacific Coast

• Singapore

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