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Three Generation Family Holidays on the Rise

According to research by top holiday companies, there has been a sharp increase in the number of families taking group holidays together, including children, parents and grandparents.

Thomson has seen a 38% increase in Brits travelling abroad with grandparents, and Mark Warner have seen a 12% increase. Carrier has also seen such an uplift that they have launched a collection of specialised ‘Grandkid Getaways’ in their Pension Freedom range.

The reasons for taking ‘3G’ holidays can range, they could be economic – i.e. it’s cheaper to go on one big holiday and share costs. People could also choose this type of trip for emotional reasons, perhaps grandparents live far away and it gives the family a chance to reconnect and spend quality time together. On the other hand, the arrangement could be very practical – Mum and Dad can enjoy some alone time because Grandma and Granddad are happy to babysit.

If you’re planning a ‘3G’ holiday, there are a few things you need to carefully research;

• Does the destination or resort offer something for each member of the family? E.g. golf for Dad and activities for the children.

• Are your parent’s passports still in date?

• Will the weather be suitable for everyone?

• Can everyone cope with the journey? Remember that a long haul flight or rushing around train platforms might not be suitable for your parents.

• Does your travel insurance cover you all against any holiday disasters? For example a complication of an existing medical condition.

• Transport will be important – can you hire a large enough car? Are there good alternative transport links?

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