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Top Destinations for British Bikers

According to recent research conducted by Carol Nash, France is the UK’s favourite biking destination.

Carol Nash analysed over 35,000 pieces of insurance data, and found that over 30% of UK motorcyclists head to France when they want to hit the open road. France is the perfect setting for a motorcycle tour, it is just a short ferry journey away, and offers a wealth of biking routes.

Belgium came second, with just under 4,500 applying for insurance to visit this hub of motorcycle passion. Many travellers headed to Belgium for specialist annual events such as the NOC Begonia Rally or the Classic Bikes Chimay. However many others just wanted to immerse themselves in the flourishing Belgium biker community.

Germany came third with 8% of the vote, and Spain took fourth place with 7.5%. The complete top 10 can be seen below;

1. France

2. Belgium

3. Germany

4. Spain

5. Italy

6. Netherlands

7. Greece

8. Austria

9. Czech Republic

10. Portugal

Interestingly, the research also found that most bikers start booking trips and buying insurance around June, and 45% of the bikers surveyed were planning a tour of between one and seven days, compared to 35% who were planning an eight to fourteen day trip.

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