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Top Travel Insurance Claims Revealed

Derbyshire health experts have revealed the top reasons for British holidaymakers to cancel their well-earned time abroad. Mosquito bites, food poisoning and cancelling your holiday due to ill health are amongst the top reasons that people use to cancel their holiday.

The NHS Erewash Clinical Commissioning Group have released a list of the top holiday travel insurance claims to ensure that people invest in good quality travel insurance before they leave for their time overseas. The group is also urging people to pack first-aid kits and medication in order to treat any bouts of sunstroke, diarrhoea, injuries or other stomach upsets.

Dr Avi Bhatia, chairman of the NHS Erewash Group said: “Nothing will ruin your trip faster than falling sick or having an accident. So, although packing a first-aid kit with a few invaluable basics might seem low down on your to-do list, make it a priority, as medical mishaps can and will happen when you travel abroad. These should include painkillers, anti-diarrhoea tablets, antihistamines, antiseptic cream, hand wash, plasters and dressings.”

Dr Bhatia also reminded people to think seriously about getting vaccinations against life-threatening diseases – dengue has spread rapidly throughout several countries recently. He stated, “Almost one in four UK holidaymakers don’t have jabs against life-threatening infectious diseases – despite travelling to areas where serious diseases such as malaria and yellow fever are commonplace. So we are asking people to talk to their GP or health centre to find out the most up-to-date information about the vaccines you need.”

The top ten travel insurance claims, as compiled by the group were as follows:

1. Cancellation due to ill health

2. Insect and mosquito bites

3. Gastroenteritis or food poisoning/ear infections from hotel pools

4. Sunburn and heat stroke

5. Lost or broken glasses

6. Lost or damaged luggage by an airline

7. Loss of cash in Spain or loss of passport

8. Delayed departure at airport due to strike

9. Medical expenses as a result of injuries sustained by moped hire

10. Assault or broken pavements

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