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Travel Tech: New Aircraft will Change the Way we Travel

Air travel can be the best and worst part of travelling, the pros include the excitement and anticipation of a new adventure, the cons include queues and long delays. However, a new high speed aircraft is promising to change the way we travel by air forever.

The TriFan 600 aircraft is a new breed of plane, which has the speed and millage of a private jet, but with the smooth vertical take-off of a helicopter. Not only would this reduce flying times, but it would also remove the need for runways, instead allowing passengers to land on helipads just about anywhere!

Unfortunately the TriFan 600 is still in the very early stages of development, and the creators are asking for contributions via a crowd funding website. Furthermore, it is thought that the initial prototype will only have room for a maximum of five travellers, with the service aimed more at businessmen flying between cities for meetings.

However, this new breed of aircraft could make travel faster and more convenient, allowing you to visit more places and land in more central or remote locations. The only problem may be the price tag, as it is thought the machines will retail at around $10-$12million each!

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