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Tropical ‘Summerland’ Coming to London

If you’ve been to Glastonbury in recent years you have most likely visited the famous Shangri-La area, and now its creator has started a new project to bring a tropical festival paradise to London.

Deborah Armstrong is currently attempting to raise £850,000 via a funding site to launch ‘Summerland’ in London. Summerland is a pop-up festival planned for winter 2016, which will literally bring a taste of the tropics to the dull and dreary UK.

Her plan is to transform a top secret London venue into a tropical paradise, including temperatures of 76 degrees, a 40 foot waterfall, real rainforest, beach, pool, VIP bar, hidden crystal cave and Indiana Jones Maze.

Not only is Ms Armstrong keeping the venue a complete secret, but she has not yet revealed any of the acts lined up to perform at the event, but we do know the venue will include a main stage and DJ Booth at the top if the waterfall.

The 3,000 capacity venue will be a family friendly destination during the day, and then transform into a music festival for the evening’s entertainment. Tickets will apparently cost between £18 and £60 to enter the venue, depending on the time of day and the acts scheduled to perform.

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