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Underground Trampoline may be the Best Thing Ever

A giant trampoline that is twice the size of St. Paul’s cathedral could hold the potential for being the best thing to experience…ever.

Set to open in Llan Ffestiniog, North Wales next month, the subterranean playground is set to excite adventure travellers and extreme sports enthusiasts across the world. Located in a historic and disused slate cavern, massive bouncy nets are hung from ceiling to ceiling and wall to wall for visitors to enjoy jumping around in, unlike anything invented before.

Usually, things on this ‘wacky’ scale are invented by the Americans or Japanese, but this time it was the good old Welsh. It took five months to build – the majority of the work was in removing the five tonnes of rubble that lay there after the mine was disused and abandoned.

The huge trampoline-like nets are hung in a maze of walkways, platforms and slides throughout two huge chambers, and are at varying levels, with one 60-foot slide connected two pieces of the netted puzzle together.

If the ‘bounce-factor’ wasn’t enough to entice you to try this incredible feature deep underground, then what about the awesome lighting? The slate cavern has been lit with a techni-coloured light display which illuminates the cave with a whole spectrum of vibrant colours.

‘Bounce Below’ lasts about an hour, and you’re supplied with highly-technical cotton overalls and a safety helmet before you get taken to the trampoline through old mining tunnels on an old-school mining train.

The most recent traveller review? “Tigger was right. Bouncing really is fun.”

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