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Value of GB Pound Affecting Winter Sports Holidays

The 2015/16 winter season did not get off to a great start, due to a serious lack of snow fall across much of the key European resorts. However, now that the snow is finally falling, skiers and snowboarders are now facing another setback, as the pound has fallen in value.

Winter mountains, Rifugio Citta di Milano ( Schaubachhutte) - It
Since the beginning of December the Great British Pound has fallen in value by 10% against the Euro and Bulgarian Lev, and 9% against the Swiss Franc. This doesn’t seem to have affected the cost of holidays, as according to The Post Office’s annual Travel Money Report, winter sports enthusiasts can still expect to find cheaper prices than last year. However, the effect will be felt in resort, as holiday makers can expect to spend over £60 more per person for things like meals, drinks, hired ski equipment and ski essentials.
Unfortunately this means that skiers and snowboarders will need to do more research before their trip, taking the time to check snowfall, holiday costs and in resort costs, to ensure they don’t blow their budgets. For example, according to The Post Office’s research, the cost of skiing in Courchevel, France plus food and drinks came to £504, however the same package came to £765 in Zermatt, Switzerland.
If you’re planning a last minute winter sports trip, make sure you also invest in quality travel insurance to protect you, your trip and your equipment against any unexpected disasters. Many travel insurance policies won’t cover winter sports as standard, so you need to ensure you are covered against expensive disasters such as stolen or damaged equipment, and injury on the mountain.
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