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Venus: The Hottest New Gap Year Destination?

Since Neil Armstrong made ‘one small step’ on the Moon in 1969, the rest of mankind has been daydreaming about travelling into outer space.

With Richard Branson launching the first ever commercial space line in the coming years, it would seem that space travel is almost within our reach, and scientists are now predicting that travel to space ship cities could be the next big gap year trend.

It may sound too futuristic to be true, but experts at NASA are in the early stages of planning a ‘space city’ which would initially house two astronauts and allow them to study Venus from afar.

The project is called High Altitude Venus Operational Concept (or HAVOC for short), and the city will stay 30 miles above the planet, creating conditions similar to Earth.

Venus itself is not really suitable for humans, as the surface temperature is 462°C and the atmospheric pressure is 92 times greater than Earth. On the planet’s surface are also enormous volcanoes and above are clouds of sulphuric acid.

Nevertheless, scientists are confident that they will create a space city above Venus to help them study the planet further, which they will adapt and evolve to eventually (perhaps) allow visitors.

If you’re planning a gap year, I’m afraid the space city is still just a concept and not yet under construction, so you’ll just have to stick to all the amazing sites and adventures planet Earth has to offer! For more tips and advice on planning a gap year, visit

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