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Weird and Wonderful Travel Mementos

After an amazing trip your luggage will probably be full of mementos and keepsakes to commemorate the journey. These may range from plane tickets, photos or shells to more extreme souvenirs which customs may not look fondly upon.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has recently listed the most bizarre items they have confiscated from travellers at airports around the world. These include;


• A novelty metal sculpture of a monster brandishing a grenade bought one airport to a halt, as explosive experts worked to discover whether the grenade was active. Real or not, grenades are not allowed on planes for obvious reasons.

• Other confiscated weapons included a sickle, cat shaped brass knuckles, throwing stars and a large sword.


• Back in 2012, officers found a bag of live eels concealed in a passenger’s luggage.

• Another decided to bring his 163 new pet fish back to his home country.

• Perhaps the strangest of all, one passenger was found to have snakes hidden on their person – in their nylon stockings!


• And finally, one traveller couldn’t possibly fly without a freshly baked pecan pie in their luggage.

If you’re planning a trip abroad, just remember you cannot pack the following in your hand luggage (whether they are cool souvenirs or not!);

• Sharp objects such as knives and scissors

• Blunt instruments such as bats which could be used as weapons

• Stun guns and fire arms

• Liquids over 100ml

• Any type of explosive (active or inactive)

If you are unsure, please check with your airline before packing the items. If you simply arrive at security and hope for the best, your items may be confiscated and you could even face a fine or criminal charges.

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