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What would a ‘Brexit’ mean for British Travellers?

On the 23rd June 2016 the UK will vote on whether to stay in the European Union, a subject which has divided opinion, not just in parliament but throughout the country. The debate seems to have intensified since Boris Johnson publically disagreed with the Prime Minister by backing a ‘Brexit’, but what would this mean for British holidaymakers?

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Experts have outlined several potential repercussions, for example holiday costs could increase, because any added costs for UK airlines would have to be passed on to customers in the form of inflated travel costs. If Brits subsequently start choosing European airlines over UK options, this could have a major effect on the UK economy as a whole.
To add to this, since Boris Johnson announced his stance on the Brexit, the Great British Pound has apparently dropped to its lowest level since 2010. The currency, which had been offering favourable exchange rates against foreign currencies, fell against the Euro, Dollar and Yen, meaning that travellers could get less for their money when travelling abroad this year.
Furthermore, as part of the European Union travellers can currently claim compensation if a flight departing from, or arriving in to, an EU airport (with a EU carrier) is delayed – as long as the reasons were within the airline’s control. If the UK leaves the EU, the rights to things like compensation for food, drink and overnight accommodation in the event of a major disruption would be lost, and the Government would need to negotiation new legislation to protect travellers flying with airlines like Easy Jet and Monarch.
Last but by no means least, if the UK votes to leave the EU in June, we may no longer enjoy the benefits of the European Health Insurance Card scheme. Brits are currently entitled to a free EHIC, which they can present to any state European hospital to receive free or discounted health care and medications. Without the EHIC scheme, the Government would once again need to create new arrangements with the EU.
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