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When Hospital Beds cost more than Hotel Rooms

When travelling abroad, many holidaymakers forget that other countries do not offer free healthcare, and so they may face expensive medical costs if they need to seek treatment. Now an Australian website called Finder has conducted research into the costs of hospital beds, and found that they can be more expensive than hotel rooms in some countries.

The top offender was Singapore, where travellers could pay almost £500 per night for a hospital bed – enough to pay for a luxury hotel room. Following closely behind was the USA costing just over £400 per night for a hospital stay, and Hong Kong costing almost £400 per night.
The complete list based on a one-night hospital stay was as follows;
• Singapore – £485.37

• USA – £408.06

• Hong Kong – £392.02

• Netherlands – £364.64

• Canada – £328.16

• Germany -£305.04

• France – £281.08

• Japan – £275.73

• Spain – £264.35
Unfortunately these shocking prices show the importance of always attending a public facility (if at all possible), as private clinics are renowned for over-charging tourists in an attempt to make as much money as possible. Although you may still be charged for visiting a public facility, the costs will be far more reasonable, and if travelling in the EU you can use your European Health Insurance costs to discount these costs further.
The final way to protect yourself against medical bills is to invest in travel insurance before you leave home. A quality policy will cover between £2m-£10m medical costs, and should offer a 24 hour medical emergency advice line. For more information, visit

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