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Which is the World’s Most Reliable Airline?

When starting out on a new adventure abroad, no one wants to find themselves stranded at the airport due to delays and cancellations. Or arrive at the airport only to find that the baggage allowance is too low, or that additional fees are payable. The problem is with so much choice, how can you ensure that you book with a reliable airline?

Whether you choose a well-known carrier like British Airways or Easy Jet, or opt for a smaller airline like Air Berlin or Etihad Airways, all can face delays or cancellations at some point, which could ground your trip plans before you’ve even started.

To help anyone planning a trip, travel website Wanderbat developed a system to rate airlines based on a number of factors, including; flight performance, delays, cancellations, baggage allowances, fees and average age of fleet. Their most recent findings were;

1. Qatar Airways

2. Emirates

3. China Eastern

4. Singapore Airlines

5. China Southern Airlines

6. Ethiopian Airlines

7. Air China

8. British Airways

9. Saudia

10. Cathay Pacific

11. Lan

12. Tam Airlines

13. Japan Airlines

14. Egyptair

15. Etihad Airways

16. Malaysia Airlines

17. Asouthwest Airlines

18. Quantas

19. Areoflot

20. China Airlines

21. Philippine Airlines

22. Air Berlin

Unfortunately, even the most reliable airline could experience delays at some point, so make sure you protect yourself and your trip against travel disruption by purchasing quality travel insurance. Holidaysafe can provide benefits if your flight is delayed and even cover if you choose to cancel after a 24 hour delay.

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