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World Record Attempt: Skis and Bikinis

When visiting a ski slope, the majority of winter sports enthusiasts would expect to see other skiers and snowboarders tightly wrapped in suits and gloves, but back in April over 1,800 winter sports enthusiasts took to the Russian slopes armed with just their equipment and a swimming costume.

The hoard of beach ready adrenaline junkies had come from all over the world to embrace the cold, and attempt to break the world record for number of skiers and snowboarders to participate in a ‘bikini-decent’. The record was previously set in 2013, when 500 people made it down the piste in just their trunks and bikinis.

Images from the event show men, women and children all bravely removing their winter warmers, and heading to the top of the slope ready for the decent. Many people chose to ramp up their outfits with funny wigs and hats, hoping to win a cash prize for ‘best dressed’.

The attempt took place during the annual Grelka Fest ski festival, on a 500m slope in Southern Russia, specifically in Sheregesh (part of the Altai mountain range and Siberia’s most advanced downhill ski resort).

The organisers are awaiting confirmation from the Guinness Book of World records, but are confident that they have smashed the previous record.

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