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Is no snow costing you dough? Over 55% of holiday makers would spend more to guarantee snow on their winter break

  • Over 55% would spend more on their winter break to get guaranteed snow
  • 41% said the risk of no snow at resorts would deter them from taking a winter holiday
  • Worldwide winter sports holiday sales are up 21% on Europe from 2014
  • Canada and the USA are the top dream winter sports destinations, usurping Alpine resorts
  • 6% of people have been injured while skiing and have made an insurance claim

With climate change threatening the supply of fresh snow, skiers are increasingly willing to pay a premium for high altitude resorts, according to specialist travel insurer

Of those surveyed, 41% of’s customers said that the risk of no snow at their resort would deter them from their winter holiday. However, the results of the survey show that those ready for a winter sports break are prepared to spend more to guarantee quality, with 55% of respondents prepared to spend more on their winter break to get guaranteed snow.

The effect of poor snowfall and warm temperatures, which plagued Europe throughout the 2015-16 season and dethroned France as the world’s top skiing destination, can also be observed in’s winter holiday sales.

Nearly half (48%) of’s policyholders said they were planning to travel to worldwide destinations for winter sports this season.  This is a significant increase from the 2013-14 winter season, when 73% of policyholders chose European destinations. Worldwide winter holiday sales are almost equivalent to sales to European destinations.

North American destinations such as the USA and Canada were also named as dream winter holiday locations in the survey by 53% of respondents preferred destinations such as Aspen and Vancouver while 47% favoured Alpine resorts, suggesting that skiers are willing to go the extra mile for top notch powder.

Poor snow fall and snow quality is not only an inconvenience for skiers it is also dangerous, intensifying the risk of injury. found that 6% of respondents had been injured on the slopes, a figure which is unsurprising considering lack of snow or icy conditions affect skiers: causing them to tense up, lose control and have more severe injuries on impact.

Amber Howard, brand manager of, said: “With European snow fall down year-on-year, it is no wonder people are travelling further in search of natural snow fall.

“It is important that skiers are aware of how lack of snow may increase the chances of injury. Patches of ice can form in warmer conditions, and obstacles like rocks may not be covered with enough snow to prevent danger, so it is essential that skiers are vigilant when it comes to safety precautions and that they obtain specialist winter sports travel insurance before departing for their skiing break.

“Where artificial snow is used to compensate for a lack of fresh powder, the quality of the skiing may be affected; concerned skiers might consider purchasing ‘no snow’ travel insurance cover, which provides compensation in the event of poor weather conditions.”


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