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Staycations up by 61% but are families forgetting to protect their UK breaks? – Holidaysafe press releases

  • 55% of domestic holidays are uninsured
  • Multi-trip policies can offer cancellation cover for staycation breaks
  • 70% of consumers think it is more important to be protected for an overseas holiday

With half term holidays in full swing, many families are choosing to save money by travelling in the UK. However, research has shown that 70% of consumers think it is more important to be protected for an overseas holiday rather than one at home, with 55% of domestic holidays uninsured.

Recent research from Rural Retreats found that staycations in the UK are up by 61%. But holidays in the UK are prone to many of the same problems that holidaymakers insure against when travelling abroad: travel delays and cancellations, accidents and illnesses, lost or stolen valuables. brand manager Amber Howard said: “Staycation breaks are great opportunities to explore the fantastic culture, landscape and cities of Britain, however many people forget that this is still a holiday which needs to be protected. For example, most UK holidaymakers are more likely to bring valuables and gadgets away with them, including tablet computers, laptops and e-readers, to keep themselves occupied during long car journeys. Some may think they do not need travel insurance, because they assume that their house-hold insurance will offer cover if these items are lost, stolen, or damaged, however this will only apply if they have ‘all-risks’ away from home cover.

“Many young families are also getting set to visit theme parks such as Legoland and Alton Towers who will be offering Halloween-themed rides and fun for the half term holidays. However, many of these theme park hotels and packages can charge two-thirds of the holiday cost for last-minute cancellations. If booked as part of a package deal this is money that can be protected by travel insurance.

“What many people do not realise is that their UK trips of three or more days may be protected under their Multi Trip travel insurance policy. Multi Trip cover is perfect for staycation breaks, because it will usually allow you to make unlimited trips during the 12 month span of your policy, so this means that your trips abroad and in the UK will be covered, from 3 to around 31 days per trip. Travel Insurance will cover a range of holiday disasters both in the UK and World Wide, including lost or stolen possessions, travel delay and illness or injury.

“A standard Multi-Trip policy for a family of four is as cheap as £36. A small cost to pay to protect the money you have saved for your holiday. Remember, for many Brits a journey to the Isle of Skye is much further than to Paris so why risk not insuring your Staycation!”

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