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Top 10 Ski and Snowboard Gadgets for 2017

For any gadget mad winter sports enthusiasts, we’ve listed our top Ski and Snowboard Gadgets for 2017 below.


#1 GoPro Hero5

Make sure your holiday snaps are action packed with the GoPro Hero5. The new model features all the usual waterproof and noise reduction features, plus added benefits including voice control, video stabilisation, touch display, auto-upload to cloud, location capture and RAW/WDR photos. Buy direct from GoPro for £349.99, or alternatively consider their cheaper Hero5 Session and Hero Session models.

#2 Suunto Ambit3 Peak GPS Sportwatch

Perhaps the King of smartwatches, the Suunto Ambit3 Peak not only tells the time but also includes a heart rate monitor, and connection to a whole host of smart phone apps, so you can map your location, track burned calories plus connect to a whole community of fitness enthusiasts and adventurers.

#3 Trace Activity Monitor

The Trace Activity Monitor is the perfect gadget for action sports enthusiasts looking to perfect their moves. The monitor uses advanced sensors and GPS tracking to give you details of every jump and flip, so you can calculate your speed, height, distance and rotation from an app on your phone!

#4 POC Receptor BUG Communication Ski Helmet

Ski helmets are a hotly debated topic each season, so for those who are pro- helmet, we present the POC Receptor BUG Communication Ski and Snowboard Helmet. It has an advanced outer shell which protects against falls and sharp objectives, plus built in Beats by Dr. Dre headphones, which can be controlled by your smart phone to take calls, adjust volumes and listen to music.

#5 Celestron Elements Firecel+

There is nothing more annoying than finding your phone’s battery wiped after a few hours on the slopes, so keep it charged up with the Celestron Elements Firecel+. The battery pack will not only provide charge for your phone, but also creates heat to warm your hands and includes a handy torch for finding your way in the dark.

#6 Smith Optics I/O Goggle

Goggles are an important part of any winter sports kit, and the Smith Optics I/O Goggles are top of the line. They boast interchangeable lenses, an amazing field of vision, fog-free optical technology and are compatible with almost any helmet, plus the adjustable silicone strap make them super comfy.

#7 Dakine Baker Pack

If you invest in one backpack for the slopes this year, make it the Dakine Baker Pack. It has a hydro sleeve to ensure your water stays drinkable (i.e. not frozen), a goggle pocket, an integrated rescue whistle and a dedicated snow tool pocket to keep a shovel in case of avalanche etc.

#8 Peepsnake Smartphone Scarf

Trying to access your phone on the slopes can be a nightmare, so why not invest in the dual purpose Peepsnake Smartphone Scarf? The fleece scarf will keep you warm, whilst the convenient touchscreen window pocket, and zipper pouch keep your phone, keys and cash safe and easily accessible. The phone pocket also boasts a window for your camera lens, so you can take photos and videos without removing your phone.

#9 E-Glove Heli Snowboard Touchscreen Gloves

Thanks to the E-Glove Heli Snowboard Touchscreen Gloves, no longer will you have to choose between your smart phone and warm hands. The water resistant gloves are made with touchscreen finger pads, so you can wear them and use your smart phone at the same time! They are also made from luxury goats leather and windproof fabric, include a removable wrist support and have quick exit zips for your forefingers and thumbs (just in case you need them).

#10 Peet 2-Shoe Electric Dryer

This may seem like a random choice, but anyone who’s woken up after a hard days skiing only to slip their feet into soaking wet shoes will totally understand out decision. The Peet show dryers claim to dry any show, not matter how wet they’ve become overnight, also removing odour causing bacteria, skin irritants and prolonging the life of your shoes (because let’s face it, good ones aren’t cheap!)

Gadget travel insurance and protection

The slopes aren’t the safest place for gadgets and some of those listed above are quite expensive to replace. Where possible we suggest buying protective cases and equipment to keep your gadgets safe from moisture and any impacts they may sustain.
We can of course offer further gadget cover along with our wintersports insurance policy, this is a popular extension and gives you peace of mind when out on the slopes with your gear.

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