Travelling When Pregnant:

How to Enjoy a Holiday With
a Baby on the Way

1. Pre-Travel Tips & Requirements

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2. Choosing a Holiday

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3. Travelling in Different Trimesters

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4. Specialist Requirements

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5. General Health

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6. Useful Links & FAQs

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It’s wrong to assume being pregnant prevents you from jetting off on the holiday of a lifetime. While having another member of the family on the way poses a new challenge to anything you’ve experienced before, it doesn’t need to have a significant impact on your travel plans.

That said, a vacation when pregnant will be different to your previous trips. It’s for that reason we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide, which details how to successfully head off on holiday when you or a loved one are expecting.

Regardless of the stage of pregnancy, this resource will provide travellers with the confidence to head abroad, safe in the knowledge they’re doing no harm to themselves or their baby.