2. Choosing a holiday

Naturally, when travelling during pregnancy, you’re going to want to ensure you don’t overexert yourself. The health of you and your unborn baby is the priority. As such, picking a suitable destination and type of break is one of the most important aspects of any vacation.

Appropriate Holidays for Pregnant Travelers

When it comes to holidays for pregnant women, not all trips are created equal. Some excursions are far better suited to guarantee your comfort and enjoyment. Some of the most prevalent trips of this nature include:

Pamper breaks – Taking a holiday is all about relaxing, so it’s a wonder more people don’t get involved in these types of trips on a regular basis. On a pamper or spa break, you’ll head off to effectively be waited on hand and foot.

These holidays tend to involve traditional spa activities, like a mud bath, full facial and massages. Their ultimate aim is to create an atmosphere which allows you to relax, and shed the stress of your daily life. They’re also a great chance to spend time with family or friends, before the baby comes along! At a time when hormonal changes and other pressures are bound to be having an impact, this type of trip will make you happier, and your unborn little one healthier.

Sightseeing – Assuming you’re not intending to walk to the top of mount Fuji, a sight-seeing trip can have its benefits when you’re expecting. Soaking up architecture and culture from around the world is something you can do at any time, regardless of your condition.

A trip to any major city would offer a bevy of different sites of interest to sink your teeth into. Sometimes you’ll even be able to carry out these types of trip on a train if you don’t feel like walking for too long. The US is particularly famed for its varied array of train tours, where you’ll hurtle along until you reach a monument or area of natural beauty. At this stage, a train will slow to allow you to absorb the full brilliance of the spot.

Cruises – So long as you have clearance from your doctor, you should be able to book yourself onto a cruise liner for an extended trip away. A cruise is somewhat perfect if you’re going with the family.

While mum can relax on deck in the sun, the rest of the clan have the chance to get involved with the numerous activities undoubtedly put on throughout the day. You’ll also be gifted the chance to hop off at several ports and check out the local scenery.

Villa breaks – If you fancy a change from your daily grind, but don’t necessarily want your time away to be too commercial or touristy, a short stay in a villa serves as the perfect middle-ground. It’s this natural integration between home and holiday life which makes a stay in a villa so perfect for pregnant travellers.

Enjoy the change of scenery, culture and climate, without having to drastically alter your routine. Sure, it’s nice to spice things up a little bit, but a stark alteration to your daily life might cause unnecessary stress. Self-catered villa excursions serve as the perfect bridge between a holiday and regular life.

Coastal breaks – Taking a trip to the seaside can be incredibly rewarding. Research has shown there are a surprising amount of health benefits from relaxing by the sea. Just some of them include:

1) Heightened relaxation – The calming effect of the waves lapping the seashore has been proven to provoke a relaxed atmosphere among sea-siders. Again, pregnancy is the perfect time to try and alleviate as much stress as possible.

2) Better sleep – Sea air is charged with a series of negative ions which accelerate our ability to absorb oxygen. This causes us to feel more energised during the day, but also more relaxed and with an ability to unwind at night.

3) Healthier skin – The impact of the sun (in careful doses) has had a proven benefit on our skin for decades – releasing Vitamin D. Assuming you’re headed somewhere likely to be a hotspot for sun, this should apply for you.

Holidays and Activities Which You Need to Reconsider

When pregnant, you’ll have to take a back seat when it comes to some activities. As such, you’ll need to rethink your approach to certain types. Some have the potential to cause stress and even damage to a child in the womb.

This is just a temporary setback, and is well worth it for the guaranteed health of your unborn baby. Let’s look at some of the pastimes which are best to avoid.

Adventure holidays – It perhaps goes without saying you’d be better off avoiding overexerting yourself during a vacation. Adding the additional strain of something like kayaking, abseiling or skiing on top of the effort of carrying a little person around inside you won’t be good for either party. The bumps and falls you could potentially experience during these types of activity have the potential to cause serious damage to your unborn child.

Theme parks – The extreme start-stop motion which theme park rides employ to thrill us are potentially deadly for an unborn. The jerking motion of a rollercoaster or waterslide is something which needs to be avoided at all costs.

Long treks – While staying active is definitely a good thing, this needs to be done on a reasonably conservative basis. Extensive treks are only going to serve to exhaust a pregnant mother. Once again, this is potentially bad news for your child’s health. Think about going for a stroll, rather than a challenging hike. If neither party are getting the nutrients they need at this pivotal stage, there could be complications further down the line.

Long distance travel – It’s not out of the question to head to distant locales, but you’ll definitely need to have a thorough conversation with your doctor before any plans are finalised. This is particularly true if you’re heading abroad in a plane. Cabin pressure for such an extended period can have a detrimental impact on your body. For further clarity of what to avoid, Babycenter provide a full list of activities you should steer clear of during this delicate period of your life.

Most Accommodating Vacation Spots

Some locations are more perfectly suited to the needs of a pregnant woman than others. When thinking about your next trip away, bear some of these types of destinations in mind. Even if it’s not these exact spots, you can draw inspiration from the suggestions:

Jumby Bay (West Indies) – This Caribbean paradise provides travellers with the chance to relax in the splendour of the tropics, with specialist services tailored towards the needs of pregnant women. The most famous of these comes in the form of their in-room spa treatments.

Topnotch Resort and Spa (USA) – Much like a cruise, Topnotch is another location where you’ll find the perfect blend of activities for both a family and pregnant mum alike. With a number of spa treatments which aid the relaxation process, the worries of the world will waste away at any spa location.

Amalfi Coast (Italy) – Having been made a UNESCO world heritage site in 1997 , the Amalfi Coast is an amazing getaway for any mums-to-be. Lush greenery perfectly contrasts the beautiful blue Tyrrhenian Sea, while the nearby houses offer a picturesque image of an Italian coastline which has stuck to its cultural roots.

Cotswolds (UK) – The Cotswolds is an area of breath-taking landscapes, which stretches out across several UK counties. Most locations situated within the region are homely and quiet country villages, with spots of natural interest spread out between them. The area is perfect for pregnant travellers, due to the peaceful atmosphere.

These are just a handful of suggestions. Do some research of your own, and find a holiday destination which works perfectly for you.