3. Travelling in Different Trimesters

Different stages of your pregnancy bring with them various challenges. A pregnant woman goes through three trimesters. While the same general advice applies across the board in some instances (such as avoiding physical activities and hot climates), there’s also trimester-specific guidance to follow.

First Trimester Weeks 1-12

While there are no immediate causes for concern during the first trimester regarding travelling, it would be wise to take into account this is when morning sickness is at its peak. Most mums agree that the period between 6-10 weeks is when this less-than-enjoyable side-effect of pregnancy is worst.

You’ll probably be tempted to purchase anti-sickness tablets if this does occur. If you do so, make sure to only opt for brands you recognise. Otherwise, owing to a language barrier, you might accidentally buy something not intended for pregnant women.

Second Trimester Weeks 13-27

Most mums find the second trimester the ‘easiest’ of the three. While morning sickness of the first trimester will have passed, you won’t be as bloated or tired as in the third. Comfort levels will be heightened during this period, which marks it out as the best time to head away if you’re expecting.

As this trimester progresses, you’ll start to notice the size of your bump growing at a rapid rate. As such, it’s often encouraged to try and get your holidays booked in for the first half.

Third Trimester Weeks 28-Birth

As you creep ever closer to your due date, you’ll want to be extra cautious. It would be wise during this period to ensure you don’t venture out too far from home – and, if you do, try to stick to countries known for their first world medical service. It should be noted, insurance won’t cover mothers who give birth in this time.

It's important to remember not to push yourself too hard during this stage of pregnancy. You're more fragile during the third trimester than at any other time, so it would be wise to take things as easy as possible when it comes to your holiday.