6. Useful Links & FAQs

We’ve covered a lot in this resource, but you may still have unanswered questions regarding holidaying when pregnant. Here are a few commonly posed queries.


Are there additional fees for pregnant women?
No. There will be no additional fees tagged onto your holiday cost.

Will the X-ray machines at the airport harm my child?
Again, this shouldn’t be a concern. The machines used to scan people at the airport do not have enough power to penetrate the skin, so your child will face no adverse effects as a result of being scanned. This applies to all stages of pregnancy.

Why is deep vein thrombosis (DVT) a concern for pregnant travellers?
DVT occurs when blood clots form in the legs, which could eventually travel to the lungs. This is often most problematic during elongated periods where you’re stationary, while also experiencing high pressure on your body. As such, it tends to occur most commonly on planes. Being pregnant will often increase the risk of DVT. You can take steps to avoid it by:

  • Keeping fluid levels topped up
  • Walking and stretching regularly during your flight
  • Wearing loose clothes

Should I travel by ship?
Travelling aboard a ship is perfectly fine, so long as there’s a medical professional on board at all times. If you’re on a cruise which will dock at number of different ports and harbours, make sure to research the nearest medical centre to each of them.

What clothes shall I pack?
Take practical shoes and comfortable clothes. While you might want to look your very best, it’s important to remember practicality has to come ahead of style when you’re expecting.

Useful Links

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