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Driving Abroad

A driving holiday abroad can be great fun, whether you take your own car, or hire one. It gives you a sense of freedom, the opportunity to explore the region, or visit different places en-route to your final destination.

If you are taking your own car, you should ensure that you have advised your motor insurers so that you have fully comprehensive cover whilst abroad, otherwise you could find yourself with just basic third party cover, and no means to have your vehicle repaired or repatriated. It is also a good idea to take out motor breakdown assistance cover.

Whilst your travel insurance policy will provide cover for cancellation and medical expenses etc, you should read the small print carefully, because most policies will not cover you if you leave valuables and money in the car, and they are subsequently stolen from the vehicle.

Insurers appreciate that if you are driving from one point to another, it is impossible to take your suitcases out of the luggage box into the motorway café; they will however, expect you to take your valuables and money with you. You should never leave any possessions in your vehicle overnight.
British cars stand out on the Continent, not just because the steering wheel is in the wrong place, but because they tend to have a large white sticker on the boot proclaiming them to be from GB!

The same will apply to rented vehicles, especially in holiday resorts, as they usually have an advertisement in their back window for the car hire company.

Remember to buy the best travel insurance whenever you are travlling abroad, prices start from £13.23 for a couple travelling to Europe including Spain for a weeks duration,

Please note, Holidaysafe's online prices automatically include a 15% discount against our Customer Service Centre prices.
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