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Coronavirus Travel Insurance

With international travel finally possible again, we appreciate that many of our customers may be torn between booking an emergency holiday (for some much needed R&R) or waiting to see if the ever changing pandemic situation takes another turn. For anyone concerned about travel and COVID-19, below we have outlined the travel insurance protection available under our award-winning policies.

As of 1st November 2020, Holidaysafe customers can now purchase enhanced coronavirus cover on; Staycation Plus, Standard, Premier, Premier Plus and Platinum Single and Multi Trip policies (winter and non-winter sports), which includes cover for holiday cancellation if you or anyone named on your policy tests positive for COVID-19 up to 14 days prior to travelling. From 12th November 2020 this cover is also available on Backpacker and Longstay policies.

What does our updated Coronavirus cover include?

  • Available across our single trip and multi trip products
  • Cover if you need to cancel your holiday if you or anyone named on your policy tests positive for COVID-19 up to 14 days prior to travelling.
  • Reimbursement on any pre booked excursions or events which you cannot recover from any other source.
  • If you or anyone named on the policy is prevented entry at the airport on your inbound flight due to showing symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Cover if your airline goes into administration due to the pandemic.

Please visit our policy wordings for full details. If you are an existing customer, and want to know how coronavirus affects your policy or claim, please visit our dedicated FAQs page.

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Please Remember - There is no cover on any of our policies if you travel against government or other regulatory authority (ie FCO) or medical advice
You will be covered in the event thatWhat policies you would be covered underWhat we would need in the event of a claim
Before you leaveYou test positive for COVID-19 and are unable to travelAll policies (except Express, Last Minute & our Niche policies) Confirmation of positive test results and no symptoms or diagnosis prior to purchasing your policy
You have been made redundant and cannot afford to travel anymoreAll policies (except Express, Last Minute & our Niche policies) Confirmation letter, and must be since purchasing your policy as you are not covered for a known event prior to purchase.
Your airline goes into administration due to the pandemic.All policies (except Express, Last Minute & our Niche policies) Confirmation that you are unable to recoup the costs elsewhere
When you're awayYou fall ill with COVID-19 (or other Pandemic illness) abroad and need medical treatment abroadAll policiesConfirmation that no symptoms or diagnosis made prior to travel
You fall ill with COVID-19 (or other Pandemic illness) abroad and need to be repatriated to the UKAll policiesConfirmation that no symptoms or diagnosis made prior to travel
You show symptoms of COVID-19 whilst on your trip and must self isolate in your accommodation and you would like to claim for any cancelled excursions.All policies (except Express, Last Minute & our Niche policies) Confirmation that no symptoms or diagnosis made prior to travel as well as proof of your proportional share of costs
You have been denied boarding at the airport due to detected symptoms of COVIDAll policies (except Express, Last Minute & our Niche policies) No cover if symptoms or diagnosis occurred prior to your policy purchase and subject to confirmation from your transport provider
Please note, that unless otherwise stated in the table above, no other costs related to COVID-19 will be covered.

Is Coronavirus cover included for domestic trips?

If you are travelling on a domestic trip to enjoy a well-deserved staycation you will find comfort knowing Holidaysafe offers specialist staycation cover on our “Staycation Plus” policies. Our staycation product includes enhanced cover for coronavirus that offers additional benefits that are tailored to domestic travel, including:

  • Cancellation cover if you or anyone named on your policy test positive for COVID-19, 14 days before you are due to travel.
  • Cover for denied boarding on domestic flights as a result of showing symptoms of COVID-19*
  • Cover to come home early from your trip as a result of getting Coronavirus*
  • 24/7 access to a UK based GP at any time during your trip.

*Terms and Conditions apply, please check policy wordings for more information.

All Holidaysafe customers can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Cover for cancellation if you are made redundant after you booked your trip
  • A range of policies and cover level available, so you can choose the one which best suits your trip and budget
  • Emergency Medical cover up to £10m
  •  Medical cover including repatriation if you contract coronavirus whilst on your trip.
  • Discounts for couples and families
  • Access to a UK based GP at all times whilst abroad
  • 24/7 emergency medical helpline
  • Free access to our customer area where you can view, amend and edit your quotes.

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Which countries can I actually travel to?

The FCDO has recently released their list of countries that are safe to travel. There is also a further list of countries which, as of 10th July 2020, we can visit without self-isolating upon return thanks to ‘travel corridor’ agreements. You can find the full list here (please note these rules currently apply to those returning to England, and may differ if you live elsewhere in the UK).

What about any changes in relation to Travel?

It is important to note that our travel insurance policies will only be valid if the FCDO has marked your destination country as safe to travel. Before booking your holiday and travel insurance it is recommended that you check the latest FCDO advice to ensure that your destination is safe to travel.

Other changes to travel will involve travellers providing their journey and contact details 48 hours before arriving back to the UK.

As the details surrounding the pandemic are forever changing, we suggest you:

  • Keep up to date with the latest travel news in relation to your holiday destination.
  • Read the government’s guidance on safer air travel.
  • Purchase travel insurance as soon as you book your flights or accommodation.
  • Keep up to date with the FCDO’s advice surrounding your chosen destination.
  • Adhere to social distancing and use hygiene protection methods.
  • Wear facial protection on airlines.

If I am taken ill whilst abroad due to Coronavirus, will I be covered?

Yes, you will be covered with any of our Holidaysafe products for any emergency and necessary emergency medical treatment, including repatriation, as a result of Coronavirus.

Your policy will also cover you for all other emergency medical treatment abroad as per the terms and conditions of the policy.

If I need to cancel my trip due to Coronavirus will I be covered?

From 14th March 2020, all Holidaysafe’s products exclude cover for cancellation claims due to COVID-19.

As of 12th August 2020, Holidaysafe’s Premier Plus and Platinum policies will provide cover if you need to cancel your trip due to testing positive for Covid-19 up to 14 days prior to travelling.

As of 1st November 2020, Holidaysafe’s Standard and Premier policies will provide cover if you need to cancel your trip due to testing positive for Covid-19 up to 14 days prior to travelling.

As of 12th November 2020, Holidaysafe’s Backpacker and Longstay policies will also provide cover if you need to cancel your trip due to testing positive for Covid-19 up to 14 days prior to travelling.

If you are unable to travel and you haven’t made a claim or travelled on the policy, you could be entitled to a partial or pro-rata refund if you were to cancel it. For more information about this please click here.

Alternatively, if you have postponed or re-scheduled your holiday, we can change the dates on Single Trip policies online, simply click here.

My airline or tour operator have cancelled my holiday, am I able to claim on my travel insurance?

If your airline or tour operator have cancelled your travel plans, it is their responsibility to either change your dates or offer you a full refund.

Which? has provided some great insight into different companies and how to seek your refunds, you can find the article here.

As of 12th August 2020 Holidaysafe Premier Plus and Platinum customers will be able to claim for loses as a result of their airline going into administration due to the pandemic.

As of 1st November 2020 Holidaysafe Standard and Premier customers will also be able to claim for loses as a result of their airline going into administration due to the pandemic.

As of 12th November 2020 Holidaysafe Backpacker and Longstay customers will also be able to claim for loses as a result of their airline going into administration due to the pandemic.

My airline or tour operator have changed my travel dates, can I change my insurance?

Yes, no problem! If you have a Single Trip policy, we have an online form you can fill out to complete this online.

There may be an increased cost to your policy if you are extending the duration, changing the geographical destination or moving your dates more than 12 months from the original date your purchased.

To fill in the form, please click here.

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Cover Levels
Up to £7,500* Cancellation cover

This section of cover begins from the second you pay your premium when buying a Single Trip policy, and from the start date that you choose when purchasing a Multi-Trip policy. Cancellation cover can step in to cover pre-paid costs, for things like accommodation, transport and car hire, that you cannot recover from any other source (e.g. your tour operator) in the event that you cannot go on your trip. The section will cover cancellation for a number of reasons, but it is important that you read your policy wording for full details. *(Under our Platinum policy)

Up to £10,000,000* Medical Cover

Injury or illness are inconvenient at the best of times, but imagine needing emergency medical attention abroad – you may not be able to communicate with doctors, and will most likely have to pay for your treatment. This is where our medical expenses section can help you, as we will consider medical bills up to £10,000,000 on many policies, including the cost of getting you back to the UK if medically necessary. Furthermore, every Holidaysafe policy comes with access to our doctor managed emergency medical helpline, which is available to help you 24 hours a day, every day of the year. *(Under our Premier, Premier Plus & Platinum policy)

Up to £3,000* Personal Possessions Cover

Some of the most common and annoying holiday disasters involve personal possessions, such as lost, stolen, damaged or delayed baggage. These policy sections can step in to cover the costs of these disasters, but you must check the cover to ensure the policy limits are enough to cover the items you are taking abroad. If you need cover for gadgets, make sure this is covered as standard on your chosen policy, otherwise, you can add the cover as an extension on the options page of the quote process. *(Under our Premier Plus & Platinum policy)

View All Cover Levels
Medical Conditions -

All Holidaysafe Travel Insurance policies are able to include cover for hundreds of medical conditions, and declaring them online is quick and simple thanks to the specialist Protectif medical risk rating service. Some of the most common ones include:

  • High blood pressure / hypertension
  • Asthma
  • High cholesterol
  • Underactive thyroid / hypothyroidism
  • Diabetes (both type 1 and type 2)
  • Food allergies and intolerance
  • Arthritis
  • Heart conditions
  • Stroke
  • and many more…
Activity Packs & Extensions

Activity Packs

If you wish to partake in any activities whilst on your trip abroad, you need to ensure you have the correct level of cover. To do this, simply click our ‘view activity packs’ button below, and find your chosen activity. If it falls into packs 2-8, you will need to add the relevant activity pack to your policy on the options page of the quote process. All activities in pack one are covered as standard. Please note, you will not be covered unless the appropriate activity pack has been applied to your policy and you have paid the appropriate premium. View activity Packs

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What is the age limit on Single Trip policies? Our Single Trip policies have no upper age limits, so we can provide cover for anyone 80+ subject to medical screening and their destination of choice. Do the sums insured benefit the whole group or each person? The sums insured apply to each individual person covered by the policy. What do you define as a medical condition? The Holidaysafe policy defines a Medical Condition as any serious or recurring medical condition which has been previously diagnosed, investigated or treated in any way, at any time prior to buying the insurance, even if this condition is currently considered to be stable and under control. How long in advance can I quote/purchase Single Trip Travel Insurance? Unfortunately, we cannot quote you for more than a year in advance. Please bear this in mind before contacting us as we don’t want to disappoint you. Just come back once your holiday is within the year time frame! View All

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