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The time for holidaying is now. Sun worshippers, adventurers, city hoppers, and jetsetters, we know you’ve been eagerly waiting to book that much needed trip away. If you’re seeking a once-in-a-lifetime family escape, kid-free weekend, a sunny pool holiday or a chance to experience a new culture, get ready to fulfil your travel goals.

In these uncertain times, we understand you may be a little apprehensive about booking your trip. To give you peace of mind, it’s essential you book travel insurance which includes Coronavirus cover as soon as you book your holiday – to protect yourself, your trip and your deposits against specific unexpected disasters.

What does our Coronavirus Cover include?

coronavirus standard cover

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Which benefits can all Holidaysafe customers enjoy?

  • Featured on the Which? Best Rate tables since 2010 ᶤ
  • Cover if you are made redundant and need to cancel your trip, subject to policy terms and conditions
  • A range of policies and cover levels available, so you can choose the one which best suits your trip and budget
  • Emergency Medical Expenses and repatriation covered on all policies between £5m and £10m
  • Medical cover (including repatriation if medically necessary) if you contract coronavirus whilst on your trip
  • Discounts for couples and families
  • 24/7 emergency medical assistance team
  • Free access to our customer area where you can view, amend and edit your quotes
  • To find out more benefits of our travel insurance, read our dedicated travel insurance benefits page

Please visit our policy wordings for full details.

Holidaysafe has been rated 4.6 out of 5 based on over 16,500 customer reviews on Trustpilot.

Coronavirus FAQs

Is Coronavirus cover included for domestic trips?

If you are travelling on a domestic trip to enjoy a well-deserved staycation you will find comfort knowing Holidaysafe offers UK cover on all of our single trip and multi trip policies. Our policies include additional benefits which are tailored to travel in the current climate including:

  • Cancellation cover if you or anyone named on your policy test positive for COVID-19, 14 days before you are due to travel.
  • Cover in the event that you catch Coronavirus during your trip and require medical attention or repatriation
  • Cover to come home early from your trip as a result of getting coronavirus*

*Terms and Conditions apply, please check policy wordings for more information.

Which countries can I actually travel to?

You’ll need to check which travel restrictions apply to you as EnglandScotlandNorthern Ireland and Wales can have different rules and restrictions to travelling abroad.

Make sure you always check the government and Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office’s (FCDO’s) foreign advice checklist before going away. Please note that unfortunately we cannot provide cover for anyone travelling against the advice of the FCDO (unless you have purchased our specialist COVID-19 extension, and the FCDO advice is based on the coronavirus outbreak), so please check before you book your trip or set off for your trip.

Keep up to date with the latest advice and sign up for email travel alerts for the destination(s) you’ll be travelling to, you’ll be able to do this on each country’s travel advice page.

What about any changes in relation to travel?

It is important to note that our travel insurance policies will only be valid if the FCDO has marked your destination country as safe to travel (unless you have purchased our COVID-19 extension, which includes cover for medical expenses related to coronavirus when travelling against FCDO advice also related to the COVID-19 outbreak). Before booking your holiday and travel insurance it is recommended that you check the latest FCDO advice to ensure that your destination is safe to travel.

Other changes to travel will involve travellers providing their journey and contact details 48 hours before arriving back to the UK.

As the details surrounding the pandemic are forever changing, we suggest you:

  • Keep up to date with the latest travel news in relation to your holiday destination.
  • Read the government’s guidance on safer air travel.
  • Purchase travel insurance as soon as you book your flights or accommodation.
  • Keep up to date with the FCDO’s advice surrounding your chosen destination.
  • Adhere to social distancing and use hygiene protection methods.
  • Wear facial protection on airlines.

If I am taken ill whilst abroad due to Coronavirus, will I be covered?

Yes, you will be covered as standard with any of our Holidaysafe products for any emergency and necessary emergency medical treatment, including repatriation, as a result of Coronavirus.

Your policy will also cover you for all other emergency medical treatment abroad as per the terms and conditions of the policy.

My airline/tour operator have cancelled my holiday, can I make a claim?

If your airline or tour operator have cancelled your travel plans, it is their responsibility to either change your dates or offer you a full refund.

Which? has provided some great insight into different companies and how to seek your refunds, you can find the article here.

My airline/tour operator have changed my travel dates, can I change my insurance?

Yes, no problem! If you have a Single Trip policy, we have a form you can fill out to complete this online.

There may be an increased cost to your policy if you are extending the duration, changing the geographical destination or moving your dates more than 12 months from the original date you purchased.

To fill in the form, please click here.

Am I covered if I am told I need to self-isolate?

If you test positive for coronavirus up to 14 days prior to your departure and therefore need to stay at home to self-isolate, then we can cover you for cancellation as standard on our single trip and multi trip policies. We can pay you for any pre-paid costs be it accommodation or transportation, that you are unable to get back from anyone else, up to the limit listed on your policy.

Under our specialist COVID-19 extension, if you catch Covid-19 whilst you are away then if you have the optional COVID-19 extension, we can pay for additional accommodation should you not be able to return home as planned due to isolating. When you are able to return home, we can pay towards the cost of returning back home at the earliest possible date based on medical or local authority advice.

Am I covered if I am told that I need to quarantine whilst abroad?

Under our COVID-19 extension, if you have to quarantine whilst you are away because you have caught Covid-19 then we can pay for the cost of your pre-paid transportation should you miss it during your trip.

We can also provide cover for the cost of pre-booked transportation should your hotel be placed into quarantine by a medical practitioner or government body, as a result of COVID-19. However, if the government or governmental body such as a local health authority has applied quarantine or travel restrictions to a wider geographical area than your booked accommodation.

How much does coronavirus travel insurance cost?

Most of our policies now have standard Coronavirus cover for no additional charge, including cover for cancellation or curtailment if you, a family member or a travelling companion are diagnosed with COVID-19. Price of cover, in general, can differ based on a number of factors including: how long your trip is, how many people you want to cover and what type of policy you opt for, as well as any optional extensions you choose to include or cover for any medical conditions. We also offer extended Coronavirus cover in the form of our specialist COVID-19 extension, which comes at a small additional cost to your main policy.

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Will travel insurance cover me if I travel against FCDO advice?

Generally speaking, no travel insurance policy will provide cover should you travel against FCDO advice. It is there to keep you safe and therefore by travelling against this advice, you are putting yourself at known risk.

However, under our COVID-19 extension, we provide cover for medical expenses and repatriation related to a coronavirus diagnosis if FCDO advise against all but essential travel for your chosen destination and you have travelled against the advice.

How can I protect my holiday against coronavirus?

There are a number of things you can do to protect your holiday against coronavirus and its effects, but one of the best ways is to take out a travel insurance policy which provides coronavirus cover and protection against the scenarios you think could occur. It is all too easy to purchase a policy and not read the policy wording, but now more than ever it is essential that you know exactly what you are and are not covered for.

At Holidaysafe, our policies cover you against a number of COVID-related situations as standard:

  • Cover for testing positive within the two weeks leading up to your trip, and having to cancel
  • Cover if you test positive or display symptoms during your trip, leading to you being self-isolated and missing pre-booked transportation
  • Cover for medical expenses related to COVID-19 during your trip
  • Cover in the event you need to cancel your trip because you have been notified to self-isolate
  • Cover in the event that you have been made redundant, and can no longer afford to travel

We also provide cover under our specialist COVID-19 extension for:

  • Missed departure or for pre-booked transportation costs in the event that you have to self-isolate as a result of testing positive for coronavirus, or if your accommodation is placed into compulsory quarantine
  • Changes to re-entry requirements impacting your return to the UK
  • Delayed results for PCR tests causing you to miss your departure
  • Cover for medical expenses and repatriation related to a coronavirus diagnosis when travelling to a destination the FCDO has advised against all but essential travel for

Can I buy coronavirus travel insurance if I’m already away?

At Holidaysafe we do not offer policies for those who have already travelled and left the UK. The best thing to do is take out travel insurance as soon as you have booked your trip for the widest amount of protection. What a lot of people don’t realise is that your single trip policy protects your holiday from the minute you purchase it, so should something such as you test positive for coronavirus 14 days prior to your trip, then we can cover you.

Can I cancel my holiday if my booked airline collapses?

If your airline collapses and your flights are therefore cancelled, then yes you can cancel your holiday. We can pay up to £3,000 with a Platinum policy to cover end supplier failure if your losses cannot be recovered from anyone else.

What happens if I contract coronavirus abroad?

If you do catch coronavirus whilst you are away, then we are here to help you. We cover up to £10,000,000 medical expenses on most of our policies as standard, so should you need to go to hospital we can cover the costs.

If you catch coronavirus and do not need to go to hospital then you will still have to self- isolate. In this instance we can provide cover towards the cost of your pre-paid transportation costs that you would have been unable to use to return to the UK.

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Cover Levels
Up to £7,500* Cancellation cover

This section of cover begins from the second you pay your premium when buying a single trip policy, and from the start date that you choose when purchasing a multi trip policy. cancellation cover can step in to cover pre-paid costs ,for things like accommodation, transport and car hire, that you cannot recover from any other source (e.g. your tour operator) in the event that you cannot go on your trip. The section will cover cancellation for a number of reasons, but it is important that you read your policy wording for full details. *(under our Platinum Policy)

Up to £10,000,000* Medical Cover

Injury or illness are inconvenient at the best of times, but imagine needing emergency medical attention abroad – you may not be able to communicate with doctors, and will most likely have to pay for your treatment. This is where our medical expenses section can help you, as we will consider medical bills up to £10,000,000 on many policies, including the cost of getting you back to the UK if medically necessary. Furthermore, every Holidaysafe policy comes with access to our doctor managed emergency medical helpline, which is available to help you 24 hours a day, every day of the year. *(Under our Premier, Premier Plus & Platinum policy)

Up to £3,000* Personal Possessions Cover

Some of the most common and annoying holiday disasters involve personal possessions, such as lost, stolen, damaged or delayed baggage. These policy sections can step in to cover the costs of these disasters, but you must check the cover to ensure the policy limits are enough to cover the items you are taking abroad. If you need cover for gadgets, make sure this is covered as standard on your chosen policy, otherwise, you can add the cover as an extension on the options page of the quote process. *(Under our Premier Plus & Platinum policy)

View All Cover Levels
Medical Conditions

All Holidaysafe Travel Insurance policies are able to include cover for hundreds of medical conditions, and declaring them online is quick and simple thanks to the specialist Protectif medical risk rating service. Some of the most common ones include:

  • High blood pressure / hypertension
  • Asthma
  • High cholesterol
  • Underactive thyroid / hypothyroidism
  • Diabetes (both type 1 and type 2)
  • Food allergies and intolerance
  • Arthritis
  • Heart conditions
  • Stroke
  • And many more…
Activity Packs & Extensions

Activity Cover

If you wish to partake in any activities whilst on your trip abroad, you need to ensure you have the right cover.

We cover a number of activities as standard. You can view these by simply clicking our ‘view activity packs’ button below, and find your chosen activity. If your sport or activity does not fall into the list we have, you may be signposted to our sister company who will be able to cover you.

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¹Pricing based on a 35-year-old travelling to ‘Europe excluding Spain’ for three days, if the policy is taken out within 93 days of travelling on a Holidaysafe Standard Single Trip policy. Prices correct as of 01/12/2023

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 The Which? Best Rate feature applies to Holidaysafe’s Premier cover, based on a 24-day Single Trip policy with Worldwide excluding Mexico cover. The table was last updated on the website on 30/06/2023.