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Welcome to the Holidaysafe customer testimonials section, below you will see testimonials written by our customers,  so you can gain an accurate opinion of Holidaysafe before you purchase.

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We’ve used Holidaysafe for the past couple of years and have been very happy with the level of quote and have not bothered looking elsewhere. The website is very easy to use and no tricky questions to answer. All of the documents are emailed so they are close to hand if needed rather than printing them out (you have enough to take).
One last thing is a nice email welcoming you home after your holiday and a nice bonus of a voucher when booking again.
Looking forward to my next holiday!!

Mr Drew, UK

"We’ve used Holidaysafe for the past couple of years and have been very happy with the level of quote and have not bothered looking elsewhere."


Every Time I Have Used Holidaysafe I Have Had Peace Of Mind That If Anything  Happens Everything Will Be Taken Care Of. BRILLIANT.

Mr Lewis, UK

Brilliant team they processed my claim very quickly  having become ill in the Canaries.  Would recommend them, thank you all so much. Will definitely book with them again.

Miss Twemlow, Manchester

"Brilliant Team"

"We can only thank you for your service and when we go again we WILL USE YOU"

Just a quick email to thank you for the service you provided us with early this year from early March for 45 days cover during our stay my wife had a very bad fall at our daughters she was black and blue from the waist down. we decided medical attention was required and followed you advice to phone you first which I did,your advisor stated we should join medicare my daughter said that would not be allowed we went online and we found you could downloaded the forms then went to the city and we got our card that lasts for months we then saw a doctor then blood tests then many xrays next day saw the doctor for the results all very quick with a good result, so we did not need to pay for all that then claim we can only thank you for your service and when we go again we WILL USE YOU and complete medicare forms before we leave.

Mr Batfner, Chester

I am very pleased to advise that Hannah arrived home safely last Sunday week. We subsequently brought her to the hospital who are hoping to avoid surgery all going well. She is being monitored very closely.

The main reason for my email is express our sincerest thanks as a family.  Having worked in banking for nearly 40 years I know only too well how quickly people complain but very few say “Thank you”.

So on behalf of Hannah, her dad and I we want to say a very sincere thank you to your various teams who put up with my continuous phone calls whilst trying to get Hannah home and ultimately getting her home comfortably.

A special word of thanks to: Roman, Natalie, Gillian, Tuelay, Callum and Natalia for going the extra mile to help us out.

With very sincerest thanks and continued success.


P.s. Please ensure that our note of thanks is given to the powers that be so that they can be re-assured of the excellent service being provided by their staff.

Susan, Edinburgh

"Please ensure that our note of thanks is given to the powers that be so that they can be re-assured of the excellent service being provided by their staff."

"The advice and guidance I was given was professional, calmly delivered, caring and much appreciated"

Having had Holidaysafe travel insurance for many years this was a first for us to actually contact them and use their services!

In fact, I had to set up two accounts as both my husband and I had minor skiing accidents during the first week of March 2018.

There were some challenging moments but with the support of our ski tour company staff and the excellent advice and guidance of the staff in Holidaysafe’s Operations Team we navigated our way through the two ordeals.

Having arrived home we needed to recover from the traumas, wend our way through further health professional services, complete our claims forms and remember to thank those who were there in our hours of need.

Too easy to forget the latter when you are safely back on home territory!

The process was clear and logical.  The advice and guidance I was given was professional, calmly delivered, caring and much appreciated.

Despite our incidents our holiday was enjoyable.  We made the most of it. And we could only do that because I was confident that everything was being sorted behind the scenes by the staff who contacted me by phone, email and text.

We cannot thank all those involved enough for carrying us through a difficult time in the most sensitive and supportive manner!   Everyone we came into contact with was a credit to the company, their philosophy and their brand!

We have sung your praises far and wide and hope others use your services – we certainly will!

Mr Steer, Warwickshire

We have had holiday safe travel insurance for a number of years and this is the first time we have needed to contact them and use their repatriation services.

In a time of extreme stress, pain and concern all staff I spoke to or had emails from, where the anchor to what I felt was my tossing boat in very turbulent waters!

Learning the process of what to do when one has an accident, forwarding the correct documents, altering flight schedules, requesting the ok to use emergency ambulances, to book taxis etc – the list is endless took me time but I was guided through with sensitivity and firmness that gave me confidence to take on each challenge as it came.

Once home there was a sense of relief but we then had not only to chase follow up NHS support, referrals and MRI scans and physiotherapy.

So it is too easy to forget to say thank you.  To ensure that those involved who supported us / in particular myself know that they are appreciated but that their managers and senior managers are also aware of the efforts made by their staff to carry out their roles and tasks.

Your staff were, and I am sure are, a credit to your brand – there is no other word for it.  And the support I had whilst carrying on through the process of completing medical and cancellation claims forms was informative, polite, calm and reassuring

As we are hopefully seeing a light at the end of the tunnel for our healing and various treatments we know our experiences could have been different but they certainly could not have been better! So a huge thank you to all concerned from us.

We intend to stay loyal customers of Holiday Safe Travel and are singing your praises to anyone who hears about our saga of events.

It was truly a memorable full packed week and still a great holiday – different – but one will not forget for all the kindness, thoughtfulness and professional guidance we received

Once again – Thank you Anna and your team and the operations staff who I talked to , texted and emailed.

Mrs Steer, Warwickshire

"Your staff were a credit to your brand - there is no other word for it."

"I have recommended you to a lot of my friends"

I  am just writing to thank you for our refund for our holiday. We were supposed to go away in Jan but had to cancel due to illness,  you settled our claim within 2 weeks.  I have recommended  you to a lot of my friends – keep up the good work.

Mrs Beii, Tyne & Wear

Holidaysafe were the best company I came across to help me with travel insurance after I had had cancer. I tried about twenty companies including the McMillan recommended ones where I found they did not want to know if you mentioned the word chemotherapy and if I was lucky enough to find one the prices were ridiculous and I was actually cleared of cancer. Staff are great and helpful and I have recommended holidaysafe to two other people with medical problems who have now insured with them.

Mrs Jacobs, England

"the best company I came across to help me with travel insurance after I had had cancer"

"A real joy to deal with"

I am 69 and have had some health issues over the last year or so, including prostate cancer, pancreatitis and hypertension. As I and my wife are going to Canada for 3 weeks – and healthcare costs there are high – I expected to have to pay an eyewatering sum for our joint holiday insurance for the trip. I was indeed quoted nearly £1700 by one company. Then I found Holidaysafe. The lady I spoke to there could not have been more helpful, patient and understanding – a real joy to deal with. And to top it all she came up with a very competitive quote of just over £228.  I would strongly recommend Holidaysafe to any mature person with pre-existing medical conditions who wants good holiday cover at a sensible price from a reputable company. And you get a nice friendly telephone chat too!

Mr Wood, Norwich

I thought I would write to say how helpful your staff were in providing me with a holiday insurance. At 92 years of age and pretty healthy, with the exception of sciatica, it is still not easy to get a Travel-insurance. They were very thorough, friendly and reasonable, taking a balanced view of my situation. I have mentioned your service to several people on the elderly scale, but not so advanced as myself!

I hope you will pass on my comments to your staff. Having once been a Service Controller, I am only too aware of the voracity of complainants when things don’t go well, but the rarity of comments even when things go very well!

Mr Evans, Wales

"Thorough, friendly and reasonable, taking a balanced view of my situation"

"I was really impressed"

“Due to an extremely unexpected traumatic hospital stay, I was really impressed with claims response which was expedited quickly and professionally when I had to cancel my planned holiday. Well done****”

Mr Stamp, England

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your assistance during my operation. Especially I would like to thank Natalie who has managed to make all the necessary home travel arrangements for me under difficult circumstances.”

"Thank you for all your assistance"

"the service and support I received from the insurance telephone guys and the cost containment guys has been amazing!"

“I didn’t think I’d get help from the insurers as it was so long after the incident, but I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Far from complaining I would like to say that the service and support I have received from the insurance telephone guys and the cost containment guys has been amazing! I couldn’t ask for better and will definitely stick to using your company for all future travel insurance. They have been brilliant.

I have also informed my M.P. that further interaction from her is not required as you guys have been so good.

Hope this clears things up.”

Miss Thomas, Leicester

“I should like to place on record the wonderful service provided yesterday by Robert in helping me set up a single holiday insurance to Dubai.

We all take good service for granted and are quick to complain. I am quite the opposite and would wish the individual and the company to be aware of such occasions.

I was in HR for my whole lifetime and feel that Robert has all the necessary qualities for the job that he does. He has excellent interpersonal skills, has a good mannerism, dedicated, hard working and very keen to please, and of course very professional. In fact a shining example to others.”

Mr G, Buckinghamshire

"I should like to place on record the wonderful service provided"

"To all concerned with my first ever travel insurance claim – please accept my sincere thanks"

“I am a very new customer and regrettably had reason to make a claim on my travel insurance.

I am contacting you now to let you know how impressed I have been with the professionalism of the staff, the speed with which my claim was processed and how quickly the money was transferred into my account.  I have told all my friends and acquaintances that I would certainly recommend them to use your Company.

To all concerned with my first ever travel insurance claim – please accept my sincere thanks.”

Mrs Bennetts, Worcester

“Due to an unexpected back problem, I had to cancel a motorcycle trip with the loss of £485 deposits. All I had to do was send my consultant’s report and other documents to Holidaysafe which they processed without requiring any further examinations or proof. 5 weeks later, the refund (less £60 non-refundable part) was in my bank account. No quibbles, no hassle, thank you very much.”

Mr Guest, Worcestershire

"No quibbles, no hassle"

"A worry-less process"

“We would both like to express our thanks for your kind words, prompt settlement and basically a worry-less process when stress levels were high. We were totally amazed how quickly you responded to our dilemma. Thanks Again”

Mrs Cook, Saltcoats

“Due to the unexpected death of my Sister in America we needed travel insurance starting tomorrow. Having made such a mess of trying to get an online quote I had to phone for help and would like to say a very big thank you to Stacy for the very kind, calm and sensitive way she dealt with the problem.

Have received the policy by email as promised but as I was unable to complete the telephone survey as my mobile ran out of charge I do hope that my thanks can be passed on to her.  If all your Staff are as efficient and as kind as Stacy I  would have no hesitation in recommending and using your company again.

Before I retired I was manager of a Customer Service Department and know that all too often you only hear from customers when something has gone wrong. Once again many thanks to Stacy for all her help”

Mrs Meyer, Holsworthy

"If all your Staff are as efficient and as kind as Stacy I would have no hesitation in recommending and using your company again"

"This method of business is fair and reasonable "

First call to Holidaysafe, I was questioned very professionally by a gentlemen, who took me through an exhaustive questionnaire regarding my numerous medical conditions, which are stable and under control by medication. He acted very well, and presented me with a quotation. Unlike other travel insurance companies who load a very high upfront cost to people with numerous medical conditions, Holidaysafe levy a reasonable standard charge, but only in the event of a claim pertaining to an existing condition will invoke a high but reasonable excess charge. This method of business is fair and reasonable where the customer only pays for what and if the medical risk occurs. I am pleased so far with this company and would recommend their business practice.

Mr Emmett, Berkshire

I recently booked Holiday Insurance for my son who was travelling to Dublin. I found the online process very straightforward – and my purchased policy was promptly forwaded to me via email.

Reviewing the policy I realised that I had put the wrong year in my son’s date of birth (I had put his brother’s instead of his). I telephoned the Customer helpline and Melanie made the necessary changes with an impressive friendliness, warmth and efficiency.

I deliver Trainings on Customer Service and can honestly say that yours is exemplary. First class in every respect! And you provide great value for money too! Thank you.

Mr Buchanan, Merseyside

"I deliver Trainings on Customer Service and can honestly say that yours is exemplary"

"We will definitely be using your company again in no small part to the service she provided but also the coverage provided"

I am a true believer in praise where praise is due and therefore it is my pleasure in taking a few minutes in order to tell you of my experience with your company.

The lady who dealt with our enquiry is called Sharon and I have to say that I received nothing but an outstanding level of customer service from her. Something that, as a frequent traveller overseas I appreciate. She provided a reliable single point of contact for all my enquiries. When follow up calls were made they were either taken directly by her or redirected by other helpful members of the team to her. She never failed to take the call or, if unavailable would return it at the soonest possible convenience.

She was extremely knowledgeable in the small print and transparent with her explanations in plain English.

This resulted in peace of mind for my mum and a considerable reduction in stress and ‘nagging’ for me so thank you.

We will definitely be using your company again in no small part to the service she provided but also the coverage provided, in the confidence that this part of a trip is now one less thing to have to worry about.

Mr MacTavish, Lancashire

When we all shop around for travel insurance we never really expect, or hope, to have the need to use it.  However, when the unexpected does happen it is good to feel reassured and in safe hands. On a recent ski trip I managed to break my leg, amongst other things.  The Team at Holidaysafe were really professional, helpful, gave clear advice and took care of me from start to finish, including renewing my EHIC card that had expired!.  My claim was settled fairly and I am a very satisfied and appreciative customer.  Highly recommended.

Mr Bennett, Manchester

"After a call to Holidaysafe’s helpline wheels were put in motion to get me dealt with as quickly as possible. "

"Not only did she make me feel good about myself, but she found me insurance for £250 cheaper than anything else offered me."

I have been so delighted with your representative, Nicki’s help with dealing with Travel Insurance. Having tried many local agents here including my bank and a travel agent, I came home on Friday feeling elderly and ready for the scrap heap – a no consequence person. I take statin and blood pressure tablets, as a preventative as so many people over sixty do.

However, by the end of my conversation with Nicki, I felt so much more alive than at any time that day. Not only did she make me feel good about myself, but she found me insurance for £250 cheaper than anything else offered me.

I have passed on the website information to all friends, and several travel agents. I cannot tell you how much you have helped.

Mrs Richome, St. Martin

My husband fell while hiking in Slovenia last week. We had to get medical assistance there and through our insurer were asked to contact EAF for assistance. As I am sure you know from dealing with so many ill and hurt tourists, it’s a frightening time being away from home and injured and not knowing what’s going to happen. This was true for us too however the help we received from your professional staff made a difficult time much more bearable.

Our initial contact with Dawn was incredibly reassuring and she helped steer us to get the right treatment in Slovenia. We were very impressed and reassured by her calm and caring approach and wanted to write to thank her for this at what was a difficult time.

I would also want to thank Dr Kotak who was also very reassuring and who let us know that the extent of the break in my husband’s arm was such that we had to come home and who let us know that the team would put this into action and get us back in a day or so. At that point we knew we wanted to come home but were in quite a remote area. Knowing that we didn’t have to make all the arrangements ourselves was a lifted burden so thanks to Dr Kotak too for letting us know that this was in hand.

Our final contact was with Mark – a nurse with your organisation. Once again he was very helpful and professional and with the travel staff booked our flights home and assistance at all the airports en route. What a relief it was to get our tickets emailed to us and know we were going to be home that day. Since coming home we have been to our local hospital and my husband will need surgery on a very badly fractured elbow and will be taken in on Monday or Tuesday this week.

While it was awful that my husband fell and injured himself so badly we know things could have been much worse. We also are so grateful that we were in capable hands and were so kindly treated by all your staff and we both wanted to write and record our many, many thanks for this.

Mr leonard, Huddersfield

"We are so grateful that we were in capable hands"

"excellent support"

“My wife fell and broke her knee-cap on day 5 of a 4-week holiday in Australia to visit our family in Canberra. This is the first time we have ever had to make a claim on our holiday insurance. We are writing to say how easy it was to deal with, and the excellent support received from all three companies.

We would particularly mention:

  • Emergency Assistance Facilities for their guidance through a difficult process for us – 12,000 miles from home with a 9-hour time difference, and
  • Travel Claims Facilities for their speedy processing of our claim for both medical expenses and curtailment of a planned 10-day excursion.

We selected Holidaysafe as our insurer based on a recommendation in Which? and would wholeheartedly support that recommendation.”

Mr Morgan, Otley

“These days you hear so many stories of bad customer service.  The situation is now so bad there are several very popular TV programmes dedicated to customer service problems.  So I have to say I was really very pleasantly surprised with my recent telephone conversation with Sharon of Holidaysafe.  I worked in customer service myself for many years before retiring so I like to think I know good customer service when I see it.  Sharon seemed to epitomise to me what good customer service should be about.  Sharon gently and genially helped me through the required details to be noted for my application. This was refreshing, as it can often seem daunting and intimidating.  In particular Sharon assisted me to discuss my short list of potential medical issues with sensitivity and good humour.   In fact, as with previous conversations with Holidaysafe staff,  I felt so relaxed in our conversation it was more like the enjoyable banter between friends.  So, thank you Sharon for brightening my day and thank you Holidaysafe for providing not only excellent customer service but also top quality holiday insurance at the best, most affordable price.  I mark you more than 5 out of 5, I would mark you 10 out of 5!!”

Mr Wood, Isle of White

"I felt so relaxed in our conversation it was more like the enjoyable banter between friends"

"What excellent trained staff your company employs"

“I was looking for long stay travel insurance to travel with my husband to New Zealand. I had researched many insurance companies but the prices for the insurance seemed expensive for what we personally needed, plus they seemed to include extra’s that I knew we would not need. I was reading the Martin Lewis email leaflet and in the travel information there was a recommendation for your company. I rang you and spoke with a really nice operator just to “sound out” your company. Gosh what a pleasant surprise. The customer service representative just talked through the policy with me and then with no “hard sell” agreed I should read the policy documentation to see if it met my needs. I then rang back and spoke with someone else. She was fab. So helpful. Took time to go through the policy with me bit by bit, answered all my questions in a way I could understand as well as making sure I was clear on the answers to my questions. She gave excellent customer service. There was no pressure on me to buy, I did not feel as though I was being a nuisance or taking up precious time. I felt all the way through the conversation that I was a valued customer whether I chose to buy the policy or not. I then came off the phone to have another read of the policy. I rang back to purchase the policy, and again the service was impeccable. I was not rushed, I was thanked for using the Company and wished a good holiday. Again the operator was interested in me. What excellent trained staff your company employs. It must be a lovely place to work because the three people I spoke with were all so very helpful, took time to be interested in me and all sounded unpressured for time and giving the hard sell. This reflects well on the training and the company procedures. For myself I will use you as my travel insurance company every time. I cannot recommend you highly enough to anyone reading this or to my family, friends and colleagues. A most definite 5 out of 5.”

Mrs Pilling, Lancashire

“Yesterday I injured my knee skiing and the injury threw my travel plans into disarray.  It was no longer an easy matter to simply board my flight home, because my leg is now immobilised in a brace.  Throughout the better part of this morning and afternoon, Mark [part of the Emergecy Assistance Team] made multiple calls to various agents and then back to me to relay information on a plan to get me home.  This was no simple matter, because the recent strike in France means that most flights out of Geneva and back to England are full.  Somehow, Mark found me a flight back to Bristol tonight, which meant I could avoid having to look for a new hotel (I only have accommodation through today).  He also arranged road transport to the airport and then from Bristol to London once I arrive, as well as wheelchair on both ends of my flight. On every call Mark was polite, patient and kind and speaking with him really eased the associated stress of my injury. I Hope you can reward him somehow for his superlative customer service.”

Mrs Muller, London

"superlative customer service"

"I cannot praise them highly enough for their service"

“Great Deal and Fantastic Service – I was diagnosed with Low Grade Non Hodgkins Lymphoma back in 2012. I have had no treatment but on Watch and Wait. Over this period the hospital have extended my reviews from every 3 months to 12 months. ( Now January 2016)
The problem each year is finding a suitable company willing to take on your insurance and I can assure you that prices can be outrageous but you have to keep looking around for the best deal you can find.My current insurer quoted £450 for Annual European Travel and then I found Holidaysafe Insurance. I completed the details on line but had a question which I wanted to discuss and requested a

My current insurer quoted £450 for Annual European Travel and then I found Holidaysafe Insurance. I completed the details on line but had a question which I wanted to discuss and requested a call back.
The service advisor (Dan) called back and was one of the most helpful advisors that I have spoken to in many a year. He answered my question and took time to explain the details of the policy. After some discussion and looking at my track record he suggested Holidaysafe Insurance and he would call back with alternative figures. Sure enough 10 minutes later he was back with a price of £139 Annual European Travel. He gave me an alternative for World Wide at £199 and that include my wife. This is the option I went for.
I cannot praise them highly enough for their service and I would thoroughly recommend them to my friends and indeed anyone looking for medical insurance. Will I waste time next year on the web? No, I’ll be right back to Holidaysafe.”

Mr Sneddon, Fife

“I am that happy with the service I have received from your customer services, that I felt I should share my experience with you.
I am a 49 year old man and I have several medical conditions one of which is unusual, I have a nevro spinal cord stimulator fitted in my back. After many unsuccessful calls to many travel insurance companies and me trying to explain my condition many times over I was hitting a brick wall and I may add most of the time the people I were speaking to, if they didn’t understand my condition they either fobbed me off or the line went dead rather quickly.
I stumbled across Holidaysafe and I explained my conditions, although the customer service rep fully understood what I was explaining to him, he asked could he put me on hold whilst he gathered more information from his colleagues. Upon his return he asked would I put things in an email to him so he could pass this on to the Underwriters. At this point inside myself I was jumping for joy, not only was the rep polite he seemed very understanding and I genuinely felt he wanted to help, and fingers crossed I maybe getting somewhere. My email was passed onto your Underwriters and within a few days they had confirmation that I could get insurance. The price was amazingly cheap and had a very high level of cover . overall you have what seems to be very experienced staff who are extremely polite and caring and I would recommend your company to all.
First class experience! Thank you”

Mr Bromlet, Manchester

"First class experience! Thank you"

"it doesn't get much better than that!"

“I am diabetic and have always paid an extra premium for holiday insurance, but in 2012 my wife was diagnosed with cancer so we had to search for more specialised cover with Insurancewith – which turned out to be half the price of other companies we had used when she was perfectly healthy! Sadly she passed away early this year so I took my son on holiday in August – again using Insurancewith, and arranged a break for us over the coming New Year too.

My recent eye clinic tests showed some changes which needed to be reported so I contacted the company to update the situation. They rang me back the following day as the relevant department was closed and the advisor suggested it may be cheaper using Holidaysafe as cover for my wife was no longer needed, and offered me a saving of 20% on a better policy which I agreed to and paid for by card. After the call, the documentation was already waiting in my inbox, and a refund for the previous policy – in full – was credited to my account by 10am the following day.

Everything has been dealt with very efficiently – even down to the call back time which I asked to be around 6:30 – the phone rang at 6:33. The advisor was friendly, helpful, and indeed saved me money when I expected to be paying more…it doesn’t get much better than that!

I shall be using this award winning company for the foreseeable future – no reason not to as it is the cheapest but has the best customer services department I have ever dealt with. Highly recommended – 5 stars”

Mr Foster, Yorkshire

“My wife and I departed on a yearlong backpacking adventure back in May 2013, and we decided to take out travel insurance with Holidaysafe. The decision was made based on the level of flexibility when it came to the activities you cover (sky diving, trekking to high altitudes etc.) and the amazing prices. Both show that you clearly understand the needs of backpackers, and do so much better than your competitors do.
To be honest, our level of trust in insurance companies was not too great before we used you, as you always hear about insurance companies being difficult when it comes to actually paying someone for a claim. However, it was when my wife fractured her shoulder that we had to make an insurance claim for the first time in our lives.
! Every time we spoke over the phone they were caring, supportive, and actually interested in the wellbeing of my wife, and not just about how much money it would cost your company.
Dealing with your claims department was also a very pleasant experience, as everyone was so nice and polite, explaining things patiently and clearly, and kept their promise of paying the money into our account when they said they would. This is a very important part of the process, and shows a high level of understanding of the Backpacker’s needs, because when having a tight bugnet to travel with, the last thing you want is to pay a couple of thousand pounds out of your pocket and have to wait for months before it is paid back.
We have used you again since (luckily not had to make a claim this time), and will continue to do so for all of our future travels, in addition to recommending your services to all of our friends and family.
Thanks for smashing the negative reputation insurance companies tend to have, and actually caring about your clients.”

Mr Amir, Maidstone

"Your emergency medical assistance team were absolutely amazing"

"We could ride off on our holiday knowing we were fully covered"

“My wife and were looking for insurance cover for our motorcycle trip to Europe and Holidaysafe were recommended to us. Suitable medical cover was particularly important as we were both on our own bikes and my wife has a condition that can make obtaining the appropriate insurance complicated. We phoned Holidaysafe and spoke to one of their extremely helpful operators. She ran through the policy and made sure we were properly covered for all eventualities. We could ride off on our holiday knowing we were fully covered should we experience any bike or health problems.

Using a motorcycle specific insurance policy makes sense when you read the exclusions that apply to standard medical policies. When you take into account the extra features of their motorcycle travel insurance you get at an extremely competitive price, there really is nothing to compare to Holidaysafe. We would have no hesitation in recommending any motorcyclist taking out cover with Holdaysafe, whether abroad or in the UK”.

Mr Tunstill, East Sussex

“On my first season in Jasper, Alberta in Canada I tried a freestyle snowboarding trick that I had been doing for the last year or so. This one didn’t go too well, and the end result was me ending up with concussion and in hospital for a check up that evening. This is a feeling that I did not like and would not want to go through again – I lost all memory, I went numb and also was feeling nauseous. When this happened I unfortunately interrupted my parents’ romantic weekend away to Paris, but thanks to a great insurance company (Holidaysafe, of course!)  it was sorted out with no trouble and I made a full recovery.”

Mr Olly, Buckinghamshire

"thanks to a great insurance company (Holidaysafe, of course!) it was sorted out with no trouble"

"10/10 for the customer service at Holidaysafe"

“I must say 10/10 for the customer service at Holidaysafe. I spoke to two advisors and the service compared to others is great, kind, courteous and not abrupt.Too often these days we take good service for granted and only comment on negative experience which seems rather imbalanced. I was impressed by the helpfulness and courtesy of your staff and the professional and effective way they dealt with my inquiry and if you could pass that on to them I would appreciate it. Certainly 5 out of 5 in a positive direction and more if the logic of maths would allow.”

Mr Wilson, Clackmannanshire

“I felt compelled to write to thank you most sincerely for the extremely prompt and efficient manner in which you dealt with our claim. I have to say that when I made the claim, I had a feeling that it would develop into a long drawn out process, with me being contacted frequently to provide further details. It proved not to be, and was in fact one of the slickest and most straightforward procedures it has been my pleasure to experience. Once again, many thanks for your excellent attention and service.”

Mr Dewar, Argyll

"one of the slickest and most straightforward procedures it has been my pleasure to experience"

"Your swift and professional approach is very much appreciated"

“Just a short note to say a big “thank you” for settling my holiday insurance claim. I am grateful that you were able to take a pragmatic and positive view given the unusual circumstances.  Your swift and professional approach is very much appreciated. I am sorry that I did not get to take my holiday, but I am really pleased that your company has been so helpful and understanding.”

Mr Moran, Surrey

“I just want to express my appreciation for your faultless and extremely helpful claims service after I had the misfortune to suffer an injury skiing.  My claim was paid promptly and in full with no queries coming back and your staff could not have been more helpful and efficient at every stage so I would be very pleased if you could pass my thanks on back to them. I have never claimed anything on a travel insurance policy before and I was very pleasantly surprised by your excellent response from start to finish.”

Mr Newton, Wiltshire

"faultless and extremely helpful claims service"

"I am most impressed with the way you work"

“I am writing to convey my appreciation of my recent communication with your Firm. In summary: the response to my call was very quick and agreeable, the questionnaire very thorough, and the resulting insurance cost very reasonable.

In particular I was impressed that my long-standing, but controlled, hypertension was fully investigated and sympathetically weighted. This has not been the case with other Insurance Companies who seem to regard any medical problem as a excuse to heavily load the premium without fully investigating the circumstances. It is clear that much thought has been applied to this aspect of travel insurance.

Although I have not been on holiday yet, let alone made a claim, I am most impressed initially with the way you work.”

Retired Medical Practitioner, Kent

“Please accept my heartfelt thanks for the assistance you all provided to me and my wife when I had an angina condition in Tenerife. The change of advisers from day to day was handled well and all relevant information was available no matter to whom we spoke. Your professionalism, caring calls and invaluable advice really helped my wife to cope with the situation. My wife was under considerably more stress than I was and she is very grateful for the regular calls, emails and advice which she received. Meanwhile I was swiftly treated and well cared for in the Hospital. We know that if we are ever in a similar situation we will be able to rely with the utmost confidence on the Emergency Assistance Team.”

Mr Forfar, Reading

"Your professionalism, caring calls and invaluable advice really helped"

"Thank you again to your excellent staff and your high qaulity of service"

“This is a short message to send my thanks for how you handled my illness while I was away on holiday in The Philippines 2014 – from the very first person I called while I was ill in the Philippines, right the way through to the doctor who I spoke to, the person who booked the return flight and lastly the person or persons who dealt with my final claim. Your staff kindly dealt professionally with my problem. I was flown home to the UK and my claim was managed perfectly. Thank you again to your excellent staff and your high quality of service. I have and will continue to recommend your company and products to as many as I can. I would mark your company and my experience with you as a 5. If there was a scale to 10 it would be a 10! All the very best to all the team at Holiday safe, Great job!”

Mr Pheasant, Essex

“We received the settlement for our claim today and I would like to thank you for your prompt attention. In 40 years of holidaying abroad this is the first claim we have had to make and we were delighted by the service and attention we received. Our annual policy is due in April and we will be renewing it with Holidaysafe. This should confirm our confidence in the product and service. Thank you.”

Mr Leedman, Cheshire

"we were delighted by the service and attention we received"

"I willingly give your company and Tessa top marks for my needs."

“For some years I have taken short heritage transport holiday breaks within the UK. This year, my tour operator changed their terms and no longer include travel insurance cover.  Clearly it is good sense to arrange basic insurance to cover loss of toothbrush, possible travel delays etc.  I was thinking of six days in Devon and – later in the year – five days in Hampshire.  I went to Saga, and was quoted about £150, they didn’t offer a sensible alternative (or an annual policy). I then remembered Martin Lewis and MSE, noted that you were a recommended insurer and took it from there.  I spoke to Tessa, who reassuringly talked me through a quote on your standard UK travel policy and happily was offered an annual policy for £35.67, which I accepted. I willingly give your company and Tessa top marks for my needs.”

Mr Dearden, Merseyside

*Please note, Holidaysafe’s online prices automatically include a 15% discount against our Customer Service Centre prices.