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Greece Travel Insurance

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Greece Travel Insurance


With around 200 days of sunshine each year, it’s no wonder that millions of tourists flock to Greece each year. The ‘birthplace of civilisation’ has a rich history spanning four millennia, but it’s the beauty of Greece which will keep you returning year after year.
Whether you want to visit ancient ruins, relax on stunning beaches next to crystal clear waters, or lace up your hiking boots for an adventure, we offer holiday insurance to suit any trip to Greece.*

Benefits of our Policy

If you need travel insurance for Greece, Holidaysafe offers an award-winning range of European travel insurance policies to protect you against unexpected disasters. When you buy a travel insurance policy from Holidaysafe, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Cover includes cancellation, medical emergencies, personal belongings, repatriation, cash, travel documents and much more.
  • Multiple levels of cover allowing you to choose the best policy for your budget and holiday.
  • 100 sports and activities covered as standard.
  • Discounts for couples.
  • Kids go free on our family policy.
  • No small print.

Simply click ‘Get a Quote’ and remember to select ‘Europe’ to be covered for your trip.

Key Contact Details and Important Information

Coronavirus advice

Current Status – FCDO Guidance 

Mainland Greece is currently exempt from the FCDO advice against non-essential international travel based on the current risk assessment for COVID-19, meaning you can currently travel there for your holiday.

You are currently able to travel to Greece as a UK citizen and not have to quarantine on your return.

This advice is only for the mainland, with islands Lesvos, Tinos, Serifos, Mykonos, Crete, Santorini and Zakynthos on the quarantine list. The FCDO has advised that you will need to self-isolate for 14 days on your return to the UK from these islands.

Entry Requirements:

If travelling to Greece, you will first need to complete a Passenger Locator Form or a PLF. This needs to be completed at least 24 hours before you travel. You will then receive a QR code which you will either need to print or ensure you can show it on your phone.

If you do not complete the form or fill it in incorrectly, your airline could refuse to allow you to travel, you could receive a 500 Euro fine upon arriving and/or you could also be refused entry by the Greek authorities.

Some airlines require a PLF per person for every person over 18, regardless of household so ensure to check with your airline directly for their procedure.

Any children under 18 years of age can be added onto their parent’s forms.

Do I need to wear a mask?

Airlines may have varying sanitizing procedures and boarding protocols, but one thing remains a constant: as with travelling to anywhere at the moment, masks are expected to be worn whilst at the airport and on the plane.

We would always recommend checking the specific on-board and boarding regulations with your airline before you make your way to the airport.

Do I need to take a test before entry is allowed?

Upon arrival, you will be asked to show the QR code given to you after you completed your PLF. You will then either be asked to go through to passport control/baggage claim, or to be tested.

Test results should come back within 24 hours, and you will be expected to self-monitor for any symptoms and adhere to social distancing guidelines. You will only be contacted if your test is positive and the Greek authorities will advise you what to do in relation to quarantining.

Please also note that if any other passengers on your flight test positive, you may be asked to self-isolate, but the Greek authorities will assist you by covering transfer, medical and accommodation costs if you test positive with coronavirus during your stay. You can find more information about what the Greek government will help with here.


Greece is constantly reviewing their guidelines in regards to COVID-19 so we always recommend checking the FCDO’s website before travelling.

Do I need to wear a mask?

In Greece, it is currently mandatory to wear a mask in enclosed public spaces including lifts and staircases as well as any enclosed venue that provides services or goods such as bakeries, cafes, supermarkets and retail shops. You will also need to wear them on all public transport, including taxis.

Are they taking details for Track and Trace?

Greece are not currently using Track and Trace Trace in the same way that we’re looking to have it rolled out in the UK. We would always advise to check the FCDO website as well as the Greek Government website to confirm the specific regulations and guidelines prior to travelling.

Is everything open?

Most facilities are now open including restaurants, pubs, bars, shops, hairdressers, salons, beaches and libraries, however; nightclubs remain closed.

If possible, we would always suggest that you check online and book tickets, for any tourist attractions as just because they can open for business, it doesn’t always mean that they have.

In Greece, there have been some overnight closures put into place for some areas between midnight and 7am. Please see the FCDO’s travel advice for more information.

Returning Home

In the event that you are denied boarding on your return journey because you have coronavirus, or have had symptoms of COVID 19, Holidaysafe’s Premier Plus and Platinum policies will cover you for denied boarding on your return trip home.

At the time of writing this, the Greek government are also covering transfer, medical and accommodation costs if you are denied boarding due to coronavirus.

Am I covered for coronavirus under my travel insurance?

Coronavirus travel insurance can vary from provider to provider, so remember to check the specific terms and conditions within your policy before purchasing. Some policies will include cover for cancellation, returning home or medical expenses and others will not.

Holidaysafe will currently cover you under our if you need to cancel your holiday if you or anyone named on your policy tests positive for COVID-19 up to 14 days prior to travelling.

We will also cover you if your airline goes into administration due to the pandemic as well as reimburse you for any pre booked excursions or events which you cannot recover from any other source.

What do I need to do if I experience symptoms abroad?

If you experience symptoms whilst in Greece, you should not go to a medical facility without first speaking to a local public GP. Please click here to find a list of providers to contact.

You can also contact the Greek National Public Health Organisation (NPHO) if you want more information.

In the case of emergency, please call 112 which is the local emergency number.

Holidaysafe have also teamed up with Medical Solutions UK Ltd to bring you free 24/7 GP telephone consultations whilst abroad, allowing you to access GP advice from your phone.

Is flight cancellation due to COVID covered under travel insurance?

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) advise what you are covered in relation to flight cancellation very well here. Your travel insurance would only be necessary if your airline went into administration.

Best Time to Visit

June, July and August are the most popular times to visit Greece, but with guaranteed sunshine comes hordes of tourists. If you would prefer fewer tourists or slightly cooler temperatures then April, May and September are also great times to visit.
December, February and March are less reliable times to visit Greece in terms of weather; some days can be crystal clear and warm, whereas others can be cold and miserable. It all depends on where in Greece you are planning to travel, so ensure you do plenty of research before booking.

What to See and Do

There is so much which can be added to a Greek itinerary that you might just have to make several trips to tick it all off, but here are some of our favourites;

  • The stunning white and blue buildings in Santorini have become synonymous with Greece, so watching the sun set over the island is a must for any traveller.
  • If you’re looking for an active holiday, then why not challenge yourself to climb Mount Olympus in search of the ancient Gods?
  • No trip to Greece would be complete without visiting the Acropolis in Athens – the birth place of civilisation
  • The island of Corfu has a beautiful ‘old town’, complete with a fort, cricket pitch, museums, shops and Venetian architecture.
  • Visit an authentic tavern and indulge in some plate smashing.

What to Eat and Drink

The food in Greece is simply delicious from authentic moussaka to fresh sea food. However, the real speciality is the meze, a selection of smaller dishes including fresh pitta bread, tzatziki (yoghurt and cucumber dip), saganaki (fried cheese), kleftiko (slow cooked lamb), and souvlaki (meat kebabs).
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*Please note Holidaysafe does not provide cover for any trip which goes against the advice of the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO). Please check the FCDO advice on your chosen destination before booking your trip or purchasing our insurance.

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