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Family Travel Insurance

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Family Travel Insurance

Holidaysafe has been providing family travel insurance for over 15 years, with policies tailored to match the needs of our customers. Whether you’re looking for multi or single trip travel insurance, or a dedicated family insurance plan, we’ll provide you with a policy to suit your needs and budget.

Each of these has a series of benefits, which could make all the difference when it comes to your travel insurance plans. Discover the difference between our standard and specialist policies below. If your family is about to grow because you’re expecting, we’ve got a complete pregnancy travel guide for you to read here.

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What is Family Travel Insurance?

Whether you’re treating the kids to their first taste of travel, or you’re repeat jet setters, a trip with your loved one’s hands you the possibility to grow and develop as a family. Family travel insurance is the perfect solution – it offers a hassle-free way of keeping everyone protected under one policy. Not only that, but if you choose a specialist Holidaysafe Family policy, children 21 years and under go free as standard.

If you are planning a one-off holiday, then a Single Trip policy is a great option. If you’re a family who enjoy frequent vacations, we offer a Multi-Trip policy, so you can go away as many times as you like during the 12-month policy period.

What Does Our Family Travel Insurance Cover Include?

  • Single and Multi Trip policies, so you can choose the best cover to suit your family and budget
  • Multiple levels of cover and extensions, so you can edit your policy to suit your needs
  • Automatic cover for 100 sports and activities, with further extensions available for a minimal additional premium
  • Cover for cancellation, medical emergencies, loss of belongings, money and travel documents
  • Cover for trips to the UK, Europe and worldwide
  • Cover for all children aged under 21
  • To find out more benefits of our travel insurance, read our dedicated travel insurance benefits page

If these don’t quite match your needs, be sure to check out our specialist policies. These have been crafted to ensure you’re always offered the best deal possible, regardless of your situation.

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What are the Benefits of our Specialist Family Travel Insurance?

  • Featured on the Which? Best Rate tables ☆
  • Besides the obvious benefits such as one policy for the whole family, less paperwork, less hassle and a more cost-effective way to get cover, there are also a number of other advantages to choosing a Family Travel insurance policy. This includes:
  • Children 21 years and under go free as standard, plus cover for family holidays with grandparents and family friends (with the Specialist Family Travel Insurance cover).
  • Cover for cancellation, medical emergencies and much more. A special winter sports extension is also available for family ski trips
  • On Multi Trip policies, children aged 18 and over can travel independently
  • Cover if your buggies or strollers are lost or damaged

Are you interested in taking out one of these policies yourself? Be sure to get an online quote by clicking ‘Get a Quote’ and then picking your chosen option.

Holidaysafe has been rated 4.6 out of 5 based on over 15,000 customer reviews on Trustpilot.

Why Holidaysafe?
  • Featured in the Which? Best Rate tables since 2010 ᶤ
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  • And Much More

Award Winning Travel Insurance

  • Featured in the Which? Best Rate tables since 2010 ᶤ
  • Finalists - 'Best Travel Insurance Provider' in the 2022 Insurance Choice Awards
  • Your Money 'Best Online Travel Insurance Provider' in 2018
  • The British Travel Awards' Bronze Place in the 'Best Travel Insurance Provider' Category in 2017
  • Moneywise 'Most Trusted Travel Insurance Provider' in 2016
  • Moneyfacts ‘Travel Insurance Provider of the Year' 2014 & 2016
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How many family members can be covered with the Family Travel Insurance policy?

Up to two adults (aged 22+) and 10 children (under 22) can be covered by our family policy.

What if a family member has a medical condition?

That is not a problem, part of the online quote process is a medical declaration for all travellers on the policy, this will ask you certain medical questions and ascertain whether a screening needs to be completed. If you do need to declare conditions for a member of the family, the quote system will guide you through the process, but you can also contact us if you have any questions.

Is it worth buying an annual family travel insurance policy?

If you’re planning to travel more than once or twice in the next 12 months, then a Multi-Trip (sometimes known as Annual) policy may be more cost-effective for you.

Do you have to travel with the rest of the family to be covered on the insurance policy?

If you purchase a Multi-Trip policy, not only do we cover your family trips, but anyone over 18 is also covered to travel independently from the rest of the family.

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Tips for Travelling with Kids

As joyous as it is to travel across the world with your family, spending time with the kids does often mean extra levels of care and attention are required. Follow some of our tips to ensure your family holiday is the best it can be.

1. Prepare yourself for the climate

Make sure you’re aware of roughly what conditions will be like before you head out. Packing for the climate can save you both a lot of space in your luggage and cash (for new clothes) when you’re actually at your destination.

It’s simple enough to find out what the weather will be like. There are a number of online resources which provide you with the chance to find out what the weather in a certain place will be as far as months in advance.

2. Make the most of apps

The modern tech-heavy world has brought with it new opportunities to keep your child safe. There are a number of apps which are able to keep you informed of where they are at all times, with the simple use of a tracking device.

You’ll also be able to use your tablet to provide them with hours of distracting entertainment. From video games to movies, these serve as the perfect way to keep the little ones entertained at all times.

3. Make a travel checklist

Before you travel, be sure to have a precise checklist in order. This will ensure when you arrive at your destination you (shouldn’t) have left anything behind. Even if you’re someone who generally has a good memory, it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your holidays.

Be sure to ask your children if there’s anything specific they want to bring along. It’s all well and good coming up with your own list, but if you neglect something precious to your child you could end up in their bad books for the whole trip.

4. Bring travel games

If you need something to distract the little ones with, but aren’t a fan of introducing them to the tech world just yet, you can always turn to simplistic travel games. These offer the chance to provide a little peace and quiet, and serve as a handy way of catching a break from the dreaded “are we nearly there yet?” questions.

These can vary from something as simple as hangman (drawn out on a piece of paper) to more elaborate games which require an actual board and rules. Whatever you opt for, make sure your kids are happy with the choice. They’re the ones who’ll be using it most, after all.

5.Carry healthy snacks

Keeping nutrition levels high is difficult when you’re off on your travels. The best way to ensure your children are getting what they need is by carrying healthy snacks with you at all times on your journey.

The easiest and most practical way of doing this is with the likes of small tubs of fruit and veg. In some places, you won’t be able to freely transport food, so be sure to read up on this ahead of your travel.

Be sure to keep these handy tips in mind when you next head away with your family. They could make all the difference.


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¹ Pricing based on a 35-year-old couple with a 10-year-old child travelling to ‘Europe excluding Spain’ for three days, if the policy is taken out within 93 days of travelling on a Holidaysafe Standard Family Single Trip policy. Prices correct as of 29/08/2023

The Which? Best Rate feature applies to Holidaysafe’s Premier cover, based on a 24-day Single Trip policy with Worldwide excluding Mexico cover. The table was last updated on Which?’s website on 30/06/2023.

*Please note, Holidaysafe’s online prices automatically include a 15% discount against our customer service centre prices