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Longstay Travel Insurance

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Longstay Travel Insurance

As the name implies, our Longstay insurance policy is designed for those travellers aged up to 75 years, who are looking to travel abroad for a long period of time. The cover can run from 1 to 18 months (depending on your age and destination of choice) and will appeal to students, backpackers, gap year travellers, those looking to do voluntary or charity work abroad, and people taking a well-earned sabbatical.

What is Longstay Travel Insurance?

If you’re planning on a trip, from between 1 and 18 months, then you will need travel insurance which covers you from beginning to end. In this case, you would need to take out a Longstay policy. Longstay policies are designed for travellers up to 75 years of age, who are looking to cover their next adventure.

We offer cover for students, backpackers, gap year travellers, those looking to do voluntary or charity work abroad, and people taking a well-earned sabbatical.

What are the Advantages of Longstay Travel Insurance?

Some of the benefits offered are:

  • Trips up to 18 months are covered (depending on your age and destination of choice)
  • Europe and Worldwide options available
  • Two return trips home allowed up to a maximum duration of 21 days per trip§
  • Working abroad, such as bar work and teaching, covered as standard§
  • Automatically covers a range of sports and hazardous activities as standard
  • Basic cover includes emergency medical expenses including repatriation, personal liability, legal expenses and personal accident.
  • Discounts are given for couples and families
  • Cover for lost or stolen gadgets including smartphones, tablets, cameras and more available
  • To find out more benefits of our travel insurance, read our dedicated travel insurance benefits page

Thinking of staying away longer? You can extend your travel insurance cover whilst away, but your entire trip can only last a maximum of 18 months. Simply contact our friendly Customer Services Team and they will be happy to process this for you.

If you haven’t booked your return ticket home yet, we can still cover you as long as you show intent to return to the UK (e.g. a place on a university course). If you’re unsure, please contact our Customer Services Team.

Holidaysafe has been rated 4.6 out of 5 based on over 16,500 customer reviews on Trustpilot.


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Cover Levels
Up to £5,000* Cancellation cover

This section of cover begins from the second you pay your premium when buying a Backpacker & Longstay policy, and from the start date you choose when purchasing a Multi-Trip policy. Cancellation cover can step in to cover pre-paid costs, for things like accommodation, transport and car hire, that you cannot recover from any other source (e.g. your tour operator) in the event that you cannot go on your trip. The section will cover cancellation for a number of reasons, but it is important that you read your policy wording for full details.

*(Under our Backpacker & Longstay Platinum policy)

Up to £10,000,000* Medical Cover

Injury or illness are inconvenient at the best of times, but imagine needing emergency medical attention abroad – you may not be able to communicate with doctors, and will most likely have to pay for your treatment. This is where our medical expenses section can help you, as we will consider medical bills up to £10,000,000 on many policies, including the cost of getting you back to the UK if medically necessary. Furthermore, every Holidaysafe policy comes with access to our doctor managed emergency medical helpline, which is available to help you 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

*(Under our Plus and Platinum Backpacker & Longstay policies)

Up to £3,000* Personal Possessions Cover

Some of the most common and annoying holiday disasters involve personal possessions, such as lost, stolen, damaged or delayed baggage. These policy sections can step in to cover the costs of these disasters, but you must check the cover to ensure the policy limits are enough to cover the items you are taking abroad. If you need cover for gadgets, make sure this is covered as standard on your chosen policy, otherwise, you can add the cover as an extension on the options page of the quote process.

*(Under our Backpacker & Longstay Platinum policy)

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Medical Conditions

All Holidaysafe Travel Insurance policies are able to include cover for hundreds of medical conditions, and declaring them online is quick and simple thanks to the specialist Protectif medical risk rating service. Some of the most common ones include:

  • High blood pressure / hypertension
  • Asthma
  • High cholesterol
  • Underactive thyroid / hypothyroidism
  • Diabetes (both type 1 and type 2)
  • Food allergies and intolerance
  • Arthritis
  • Heart conditions
  • Stroke
  • And many more…
Activity Packs & Extensions

Activity Packs

If you wish to partake in any activities whilst on your trip abroad, you need to ensure you have the right cover.

We cover a number of activities as standard. You can view these by simply clicking our ‘view activity packs’ button below, and find your chosen activity. If your sport or activity does not fall into the list we have, you may be signposted to our sister company who will be able to cover you.

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We offer a range of extensions on our Single Trip policies, including;

Large Scale Events
Excess Waiver

To add any of these extensions to your policy, simply select them on the options page of the quote process.

Customer Reviews

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Why Holidaysafe?
  • Featured in the Which? Best Rate tables since 2010 ᶤ
  • Award-Winning Travel Insuranceɸ
  • Save 15% Online!Ɨ
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  • Discounts on Couples & Family Policies
  • 24/7 Emergency Medical Assistance
  • And Much More

Award Winning Travel Insurance

  • Featured in the Which? Best Rate tables since 2010 ⱽ
  • Finalists - 'Best Travel Insurance Provider' in the 2022 Insurance Choice Awards
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Our existing customers have used this policy for:

  • Volunteering, Studying and Working Abroad
  • Adventures and new Experiences Abroad
  • Adventurous Activities
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Checklist for Longstay travellers

  • Make sure you invest in the best travel insurance to suit your needs and budget. For example, if you’re only travelling with a backpack, you may not require high levels of baggage cover.
  • If you’re travelling within Europe, from 1st January 2021 rules around travel to Europe have changed, visit the Government website for up to date information on passports, EHIC/GHIC, healthcare and more.
  • If you’re travelling to Australia, make sure you enroll in their Medicare programme. After enrolling you will receive a card which should entitle you to free or discounted health care in state Australian hospitals.
  • To be safe, make sure you have photocopied all important documents, including your passport and prescriptions – keep the copies in a separate place to the originals. You should also have a list of important phone numbers pre-programmed into your phone and in a safe place.
  • Research local laws and customs before you travel, just to make sure you don’t accidentally break the rules or offend anyone.
  • Make sure you have the correct visa(s) in plenty of time for your departure, and that your passport has at least six months of validity left.
    Carry a small guide and phrasebook (whether paper or electronic), just in case you get lost and need to ask for directions.
  • Visit your doctor before you travel to find out if you need any vaccinations or preventative medications for your trip.


Can I extend my cover whilst abroad?

If you decide to extend your trip, there is the possibility to extend your cover whilst abroad; however, your entire trip can be no longer than 18 months in duration. For example, if you originally planned to travel for nine months, we could potentially extend your cover for a maximum of nine months more, if you decided to stay. Simply contact our customer service centre to arrange the extension of cover.

I haven’t booked a return flight yet, can you still insure me?

Yes we can insure you, however, in the event of a claim you would have to provide written evidence that you intended to return to the UK such as:

  • Confirmation of a college or university placement
  • Contract of the employment commencement date
  • Rental agreement
  • Consultant appointments in the UK
  • Copy of logbook confirming ownership of the vehicle, with proof of current tax.
  • Court summons or appearances
  • Mortgage agreement
  • Current home or contents insurance (in your name).
  • Future travel plans (flight bookings) leaving and returning to the UK.
  • Please note that this policy is not intended to offer cover if you are emigrating.

What is ‘proof of intent to return home’ and why do I need it?

At Holidaysafe we understand that backpacker and long-stay travellers very rarely have their flight home booked at the start of their trip. However our policies cannot cover emigration, and so in the event of a claim, our team would need to see some type of written evidence that you intend to return to the UK.  Examples of the types of evidence the claims team will accept are listed in the FAQ above.

Can I return home for a visit during my time away without breaking my cover?

Yes, our Backpacker & Longstay policies automatically include two return trips home, just in case you get homesick or want to spend Christmas with your family. As long as the return trips are no longer than 21 days each, your cover will not be affected.

Am I covered to work abroad?

Cover for working abroad, for example, bar and restaurant work, non-professional musicians/signers and fruit pickers (who do not use machinery) is included automatically. However, we do not provide cover for manual work, which is defined as work that is physical, including construction, installation, assembly and building work. Including working with domestic or wild animals, humanitarian, carer, or work in any medical capacity.

What is the difference between Longstay and Multi-Trip insurance?

Longstay and Backpacker travel insurance are intended for people taking longer than average trips abroad, for 1 – 18 months. Multi-Trip insurance is best for people who are planning to take multiple trips during a 12 month period, but each trip will be limited to 31, 45 or 60 days in total duration.

How do I make sure I’m covered to participate in activities during my trip?

We provide cover for 100 common sports and activities as standard, however, there is also the option to extend your cover to include many more. Simply choose the relevant activity pack at the options stage of the quote process.

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¹ Pricing based on a 35-year-old travelling to ‘Europe excluding Spain’ for three months, if the policy is taken out within 93 days of travelling on a Holidaysafe Backpacker Longstay policy. Prices correct as of 01/12/2023

§ When using the return home feature all cover is suspended on clearance of customs in your home country and restarts after the baggage check-in at your international departure point for your return flight, international train or ferry to your overseas destination. This extension will not cover the costs of your return home

§ Excludes manual labour, which is defined as work involving the lifting or carrying of heavy items in excess of 25Kg, work at a higher level than two storeys or any form of work underground

ᶤ The Which? Best Rate feature applies to Holidaysafe’s Premier cover, based on a 24-day Single Trip policy with Worldwide excluding Mexico cover. The table was last updated on Which?’s website on 30/06/2023. 35-year-old travelling around ‘Europe excluding Spain’ for 93 days (three months), on a Backpacker Longstay policy

ƗPlease note, Holidaysafe’s online prices automatically include a 15% discount against our Customer Service Centre prices. This is discounted from our core policy price before you add any additional cost of optional extensions or additional medical premium.