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Gap Year Travel

A gap year is great for those who wish to take a year off before either going to university or entering the market for a job.

It’s a great way for learning new skills which potential new employers find very appealing.

Many employers value the skills that are developed on gap year projects. Many of the projects involve volunteer work which can look very attractive on a CV.

Many students who decide to take the gap year find they mature quicker compared to many others their age who do not take the gap year, partly because of the cultures and the independence they gain.

While gap years are a relatively inexpensive way to travel it will still cost you money. Most students spend half of their gap year working to earn enough money to afford to go on a gap year project for the other six months.
Taking a gap year is one more year where you will not be earning money. This can mean that you will have more debt than others after finishing any university course you attend. If you are taking a gap year before going into employment this is not so much of a problem.

The vast majority of gap projects will have you teaching English to children in other countries. For these placements you will often have to attend some kind of training course such as the internationally recognized TEFL course. However other activities include farm work, running children’s holiday camps, building projects and more. Most of these placements are targeted at poor, impoverished and deprived areas so you will be making a real difference to people.

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